At its September 10th meeting, the Riverdale City Council authorized the administration to begin the process of soliciting multi-year proposals for the removal of snow and ice during the winter months.

You can read Resolution #2019-33 as well as an initial draft of the request for services quote by clicking here.

Council member, Anthony Heddlesten, will spearhead the effort along with City Administrator, Tim Long. There are currently a number of options on the table the City will review, but the hope is that no matter the final “scope of work” there will be way of fairly evaluating the contractor’s performance that will result in the contract renewing automatically rather than requiring the City to go through a new RFP/Contract Award process again.

Among the issues the City has to take into consideration in this contract for services are:

•  the projected growth of the Woods Estates development and what that will mean in terms of additional road requiring plowing;

•  agreement(s) the City may already have in place with Bettendorf to “brine” hillside roads like Fenno Road in advance of coming snows to reduce the ability of snow to accumulate too rapidly.

•  any interest there may be from Scott Community College or the PV School District to combine snow removal needs into one, master contract in order to scale the project to a size that will yield a cost savings to all parties.

•  the establishment of some kind of feedback mechanism for residents to use when they see a problem or haven’t seen a plow within the specified window of service as outlined in the contract.

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