A special meeting of the Riverdale City Council was held on Monday evening (December 2nd) to consider extending the preliminary plat for the Woods Estates of Riverdale subdivision. The extension was requested by Woods’s attorney, Joseph Judge of Lane & Waterman. You can view that request here.

According to the City’s Subdivision Ordinance, the Council can grant an extension to a preliminary plat if a request is received from the subdivider and the Planning & Zoning Commission Chair provides his advice on the matter. In this case, the Commission Chair, Bill Briesch, advised against granting the extension, citing a variety of questions about the project and a desire for residents to be able to weigh in with their questions as well.

Residents present at the Council Meeting were granted time to ask questions and state their concerns for the record as part of the meeting. Mayor Mike Bawden added that while he shared the concern expressed by Chairman Briesch, there would be – in the mayor’s opinion – adequate time for people and P&Z Commissioners to research and ask questions as part of the review process for the final plat, but that the review of the final plat could not move forward if the preliminary plat was not extended.

The mayor also explained that the information originally reviewed and approved in the preliminary plat the first time (nearly 18 months earlier) had not changed. That information included:

•   a preliminary drawing showing the entire subdivision,

•   an example of the size of the proposed retention basins for the development (as an overlay over an existing subdivision), and

•   an elevation drawing showing the projected outflow of retained storm water from the proposed basins.

In the end, the resolution extending the expiration date for the preliminary plat passed on a vote of 4-0 (Council Member Chanon was not present to vote).