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There are a variety of services provided to residents of Riverdale that result from relationships the City has with other governmental bodies (i.e. Bettendorf, Davenport and Scott County), inter-governmental agencies (i.e. The Waste Commission of Scott County, Bi-State Regional Commission, Scott County Emergency Management Agency) and private companies and organizations (e.g. The Quad-City Chamber of Commerce, Mediacom, Republic Waste Management Services, etc.).

This page is intended to provide residents with important information about the type of services provided and how to contact the service provider directly in case there is a problem. If you are unable to resolve a problem directly, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can work on the problem with you.

Garbage and Recycling Collection

Garbage is picked up weekly on Mondays. If a Monday is a holiday, pickup will be on the following day (Tuesday). Garbage should be placed in the container/cart provided by Republic Waste and at the foot of the driveway by 7am.

Recycled materials are picked up bi-weekly on Mondays. All recyclable materials should be placed in the container/cart provided by Republic Waste. Please keep the material clean and remove any lids. Not sure what can go in your recycle bin? Check out the handy graphic below (courtesy

Yard waste pick-up begins April 1 and runs until November 30th. Yard waste is picked up weekly every Monday (on garbage days), but by  a different truck than the usual garbage hauling truck, so it’s possible your yard waste, recycling and garbage could be picked up at different times throughout the day.

Please be sure to put your yard waste in paper bags. Branches and twigs should be no longer than 4 feet long and tied in bunches not to exceed 50 pounds to expedite handling by the waste hauler.

Sewer Services

Sewer services are provided by a inter-governmental body (including Davenport, Bettendorf, Panorama Park and Riverdale) and are billed/collected by the City of Riverdale. Bills are sent out quarterly to all residents and failure to pay within 45 days of receipt will result in late fees. A $25 surcharge will be added to all accounts in the event of a returned check for insufficient funds. In extreme cases, liens will be placed on properties for non-payment of bills.

Snow Removal Services

Snow removal is contracted with Murfs Turf. The contractor is expected to remove the snow from all of the City’s streets while the City’s maintenance man is responsible for removing snow from the parking lot/driveway at City Hall and the bike path. In some instances (during heavy snows), the City’s maintenance person will assist with street cleaning to keep roads passable for residents.

To help facilitate snow removal, residents are expected to remove their cars from the City’s streets if there has been a snow fall of 2 inches or more or if the conditions are icy. Snow from driveways, sidewalks and parking lots should not be deposited into the street. Residents are responsible for keeping their mail boxes clear for mail delivery after the street has been cleared.

In the event your mailbox has been knocked down during the street clearing, please let us know and we will contact the contractor.


Water service in Riverdale is provided by Iowa-American Water Company. If you have a water main break or are experiencing other problems with your water, you can contact their office at: 563-468-9200.

Cable Television/Internet Services

Mediacom has the cable television franchise in Riverdale. If you are experiencing problems with your service from Mediacom, let us know so we can add that information to our annual review and then contact the company for service at: 855-633-4226.

Gas and Electric Services

Riverdale residents receive their gas and electric service from MidAmerican Energy Company. If you need to reach their customer service center, call: 888-427-5632.  If you are experiencing an outage and need information on the size and expected duration of the outage, click here.

Planning on doing some digging? Be sure to call before you dig. Iowa One Call is a great service to use to avoid damaging buried utilities around your home. The phone number is: 800-292-8989

SUDAS (Statewide Urban Design and Specification Program)

The SUDAS Design Manual is written to the engineer developing a specific project. The manual is an excellent tool for the design engineer to use as the particular aspects of a project are being addressed.  It is not a textbook, but rather a document that provides design guidance through references to appropriate national standards and regulations in Iowa. The Design Manual is a direct complement to the SUDAS Standard Specifications. It has been developed and updated with the involvement of engineers from cities, counties, state agencies, and consultants from across the state.

Design Manual

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