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At its last meeting of the year, the Riverdale City Council agreed to fund repairs to the Riverdale Fire Department’s air compressor system (not to exceed $8,000 in expenses). A copy of the resolution and copies of estimated costs of repair can be found here.

Part of a larger discussion

The discussion concerning the nature, cost and funding of the repair (versus replacement) touched on a number of key factors facing the Council and fire department for 2020. Chief among them was whether or not the cost for purchasing, managing and maintaining the air compressor system should be a cost born solely by the City of Riverdale when other departments in the county benefited from using the system – whether the balance of the RFD is present at the site of the fire, or not.

The air compressor is approaching the end of its serviceable life (20 years) and everyone acknowledged that the approved repair would only be a stop-gap measure at best, so discussions about what kind of system should replace it and how it should be funded will be a high priority item for next year.

The compressor is currently mounted on a truck. If the replacement compressor is significantly larger, it may require modifications to the existing truck or a different vehicle, altogether.

The Riverdale Fire Department has been working with Council Member Paul DCamp on a long-range plan for the department that takes the needs and capabilities of surrounding departments and major industrial concerns (like Arconic and the Magellan Tank Farm) into consideration. There is not a delivery date set for that plan as of today.