The Riverdale City Council voted to authorize the City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Consultants, to begin the process of supervising a video inspection of the City’s sanitary sewer lines. The inspection, conducted by the Bettendorf Public Works department, will help identify breaks in the sanitary sewer line where stormwater and other chemicals can mix with the raw sewage and, more importantly, where the raw sewage might be able to seep out into the ground surrounding the sewer line.

Assessing the state of the sewer lines in the City is important because Davenport, Bettendorf, Panorama Park and Riverdale are all entering into a negotiation concerning the joint sewer lines owned and managed by the four cities. Each city pays for its section of the sewer line (which eventually runs into the waste treatment facility in West Davenport) according to the amount of material flowing through the line.

In short, the tighter and more secure the line, the less material mixes with the sewage and the less “flow” coming from the City. Lower flow means lower costs.

If we’re able to share video from the inspection, we’ll be posting it to this webpage. In the meantime, here’s the best sewer inspection video we could find on YouTube …