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MSA Professional Services reported to the City Council that Project Manager Chris Janson was arranging for a first meeting with the ad hoc committee from the city. In the meantime, Chris and staff are working on accumulating background data and an existing conditions plan.

MSA Professional Services reported to the City Council that was coordinating a project kickoff meeting with Council Anthony Heddlesten and his committee in the first part of March.

Later on in the City Council Meeting, Council Member Heddlesten elaborated on the status of this project, explaining that the committee he’s assembled now includes representatives from Scott Community College, every neighborhood currently in Riverdale and a future resident of Woods Estates of Riverdale.

Anthony said he would pull together an agenda for the first meeting and publish the meeting dates for all three meetings of the group as soon as possible. Each committee meeting is expected to take about an hour.

MSA Professional Services reported to the City Council that it understood Council Member Anthony Heddlesten was assembling a steering committee. Once that committee is created, MSA will begin the project with a kick-off meeting.

Council Member Heddlesten posted the following information to the Riverdale Residents page on Facebook on February 5:

Right now, the parks committee (which will be set in stone this Friday) is as follows:

1) Myself – representative of council

2) Dr. Lyn Cochran, president EICC – representing SCC

3) Marie Kretz – representing Belmont neighborhood

4) Jane Gross & Marcus Welding – representing Manor Hill neighborhood

5) Allison Arthur – representing Fenno Hill neighborhood (updated new addition!)

We have a request in for a member to join us from Arconic and PVHS to represent our other major landowners and I asked Seth if anyone from our new neighborhood would like to participate as well.

Havens Acres still need a representative and I’d certainly be open to more interested parties joining the group as well!

Anthony Heddelsten, City Council

The City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Services, reported to the City Council that their project manager on this project, Mr. Chris Jahson, and Council Member, Anthony Heddlesten, have agreed to hold a conference call to come to an understanding on the project and how it is to start.

Among the first steps is the formation of a steering committee of citizens and concerned parties to participate in the development of a “guide book” that MSA will use to author the formal plan. A call to residents was issued via the City’s website and social media on Monday, 01/27/20.

An initial public intake session on the City’s parks was held by Council Member Kelly Krell last year. Although sparsely attended, there were some interesting ideas presented.

MSA Professional Services, the consultancy hired to assist with this project, reports that they are in the process of verifying the makeup of a team of people from the City of Riverdale to participate in a kick-off meeting. MSA will work with Council Member Kelly Krell to facilitate this.

In a meeting with MSA and City Staff, the following items were discussed:

MSA will begin and lead this project effort in 2020.

Interim City Administrator Lisa Kotter will forward to MSA minutes from the 12/16 meeting chaired by Council Member Kelly Krell concerning the future of Riverdale’s parks.

The Riverdale City Council approved Resolution 2019-42, authorizing the engagement of MSA Professional Services to assist with the development of a needs assessment study for the City’s parks and trails. The contract is valued at $12,600 and the engagement is estimated to take 4 months to complete.

Kelly Krell, City Council Member

The City’s consulting engineer, MSA Professional Services, provided a draft of a parks planning proposal for City Council consideration. The initial draft had been reviewed with Council Member Kely Krell (who has helped drive the City’s parks and recreation projects for the past 18 month or so).

The current draft is under consideration by the Council who will discuss it in more detail at their 10/22 meeting. The cost for the consulting services is $12,600.

Project Details:

Scope of Work:

The proposal from MSA consists of three parts:

PART 1: Project kickoff and analysis of existing conditions; work will include development of maps of the existing parks and recreational facilities in the City of Riverdale; development of a map of the existing park service areas and the creation of a map showing existing trail and pedestrian systems.

PART II: Community engagement; work will include both face-to-face and online engagement of members of the community to gain their input and insights into what should be done with Riverdale’s natural assets.

PART III: Needs Assessment and Plan Development.


Consulting Services Budget = $12,600

Project Bid Date:


Project Start Date:

February, 2020

Project Completion Date:

June, 2020




Percent Complete