At the City Council meeting on August 27, Council Member Anthony Heddlesten presented information on a city-wide clean-up effort. The four-event (scheduled to run from 8am to 11am) is intended to help prepare our community for the coming winter months by removing trash and other debris from our parks and along the bike path prior to winterizing.

The rain date for the event is September 8th (Sunday) between 3pm and 6pm.

Council Member Heddlesten has already contacted the Waste Commission of Scott County about helping to provide iLiveHere garbage bags, gloves, tongs and safety vests. The vests, tongs and left-over materials will need to be returned to the Waste Commission after the event.

Anthony says he could use as many as 60 volunteers, working in teams of 2-4 volunteers each, at the following locations:

•  Bicentennial Park

•  Volunteer Square

•  Van Gundy Park

•  Peggy’s Park

•  the bike trail/State Street from Manor Drive to Fenno

•  the bike trail/State Street from Manor Drive to Bellingham

•  the bike trail/State Street from Bellingham to Duck Creek

•  along the bike trail/MRT along Bellingham

•  City Hall grounds

•  Scott Community College drive and parking lot(s)

•  PV parking lots

•  along Belmont Road

•  on the wooded trails around Scott Community College

•  in the wooded area at the end of Fieldcrest

If you’re interested in learning more, want to participate in cleaning up your yard and neighborhood, or would like be part of a team cleaning up the City’s parks, bike paths or roadways, please let us know by clicking here.