At its regular meeting on September 10, 2019, the City of Riverdale’s City Council agree to start investigating the issues surrounding creek bed erosion on the northwest edge of the city. The creek is a tributary flowing into Duck Creek near the south bike trail entrance to Devils Glen Park.

A motion was passed by the Council authorizing MSA Professional Services to develop a scope of work and professional services agreement around a comprehensive management plan for the area. The plan will be presented to the Council for consideration at a future meeting.

A few issues expected to be addressed by the plan developed by the City include:

•  Where are the most critical parts of the tributary stream/bank that need to be addressed first;

•  Is any of the City’s stormwater or sanitary sewer system in jeopardy because of the erosion to-date?

•  What are the immediate actions the City can take yet this fall that will help slow down the erosion next spring (presumably before a construction crew can address the issues identified by the study)?

•  Is there additional work that needs to be done to stabilize the creek bed outside of the Riverdale city limits?

Special thanks to Linda and Dale Hupp and George Seaberg for bringing this issue to the attention of Council Members Anthony Heddleston and Paul DCamp so it could be addressed.

Once a plan has been presented to the City Council and subsequently accepted (with any requested/required modifications), we will be creating an on-going journal on the project’s progress so residents can check in at their convenience.