The Riverdale City Council authorized staff to proceed with requesting proposals for landscaping services on City-owned grounds and green spaces. Proposals will be for a three-year period (2020 through 23) and will provide a number of service levels for consideration.

A copy of the RFP (Request for Proposal), which was developed by Council Member Kelly Krell and reviewed by members of the Council prior to its acceptance, can be found by clicking here. A package of PowerPoint slides showing photos and notes for each of the areas requiring landscaping services can be reviewed by clicking here.

Each proposal submitted by a prospective contractor will be divided into four tiers, with each tier reflecting the services required in a specific area/areas of the City of Riverdale. Services required in the future Woods Estates of Riverdale subdivision were not included in the RFP.

The City has requested that all bids cover a three-year timespan and break out costs on a year-by-year basis for budgeting purposes.

Project Details:

Scope of Work:

The City is seeking the services of a landscape maintenance company to recover and maintain landscaping on all City-maintained properties for an initial period of three seasons. It is expected that the landscaping will be addressed by the selected vendor at least once every two weeks for the time period from spring to fall each year, or approximately April through September, dependent upon the weather and weather forecasts.



Project Bid Date:

Bids due by January 30, 2020
Council awards bid on February 25, 2020

Project Start Date:

Spring 2020

Project Completion Date:

Fall 2023




Percent Complete