A regular meeting of the Riverdale City Council will take place on Tuesday evening, April 14th at 7pm. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the meeting will be held virtually as a GoToMeeting web conference.


Attending the Meeting Online

To attend the City Council Meeting and FY 21 Budget Public Hearing on Tue, April 14, 2020 (from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM), just join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smart phone by clicking on the button or this link. You can access the meeting by using the access code: 823-571-765

Not comfortable joining online? You can dial into the meeting with your phone, just call: (571) 317-3112 and use the access code (823-571-765) when prompted.

Please Note: It’s highly recommended you get the GoToMeeting app and install it on your computer before the meeting starts so you’ll be ready when we begin.

Just Click Here to download the app.


Among the other issues to be considered and discussed by the City Council:

A Public Hearing on the Final Plat for Phase 2 of the Woods Estates Subdivision

Presentations to the City Council include:

    • Reports by the Fire Chief and Maintenance Department
    • City Engineer’s Progress Report on a variety of projects
    • Status Report from Woods Construction & Development

Resolutions addressing the following:

    • Consideration of Approval and Certification of the Proposed FY 21 Budget for the City of Riverdale
    • Consideration of a Resolution to Increase the Budget for Staff Search/Selection Services Consulting
    • Consideration of Conditional Approval of the Final Plat for Phase 2 of the Woods Estates Subdivision
  • A Motion will be discussed regarding the following: 
    • Development and consideration of a motion to define how the City Council would like the City the provide some assistance/relief to Riverdale-based businesses dealing with interruptions associated with COVID-19

Discussion of various items include:

    • Results of the first meeting on the Parks & Trails Needs Assessment Project
    • Next steps on boundary fence construction along the MRT in Riverdale
    • An update on the development of a plan to create a bike station at the parking lot on Bellingham Road
    • A summary report on the IT upgrade that has been completed at City Hall
    • Update on City Hall staffing, job definitions and process development
    • A review of the plan to begin long-range budget planning for the City of Riverdale
    • Overviews of new accounting projects to clear up confusion over TIF accounting and Sewer Utility fund and rate accounting
    • An update on the Arconic TIF
    • Next steps on the Citywide Clean-up on April 18
    • Review of the construction plan for the Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation Project
    • A discussion of possible next steps on the Manor Drive drainage issue explored last year
    • An update on landscaping and invasive species audit projects managed by Quercus
    • An update on the accident damaging a section of retaining wall on Manor Drive Hill
    • The status of the Tour de Brew Event (scheduled for May 2)
    • A review of other events planned for through the summer
    • An update on the installation of the flood gauge on Duck Creek in the Havens Acres area
    • A current review of PPE currently on hand for use by the Riverdale Fire Department
    • Concerns about nuisance properties in the Fenno Hill neighborhood
    • An update on issues surrounding coyote trapping near the Woods Estates neighborhood

A copy of the agenda for the meeting can be found here.

A copy of the information packet sent to Council Members can be found here. (Please note, this document is 100 pages long* and the file is approximately 10.1 MB.)

A copy of the budget report for the City can be found here. (Please note, this document is 13 pages long.)

A copy of the presentation on the final plat for the second phase of the Woods Estates Subdivision can be found here.

A copy of the City Engineer’s report from MSA can be found here.

A report from the mayor covering administrative work over the last three weeks can be found here.

Meeting minutes can be found here.

* NOTE: If you would like a copy of the Council Packet or Budget Report, please call City Hall during regular business hours (10-5pm, Tue-Thu) and one can be made for you at a cost of $.25 per page.