A regular meeting of the Riverdale City Council will take place on Tuesday evening, February 25th at 7pm.  The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers at Riverdale City Hall.

The meeting will include a public hearing to discuss the maximum tax levy to be considered by the City as it prepares its FY 21 budget for adoption in March.

Among the other issues to be considered and discussed by the City Council:

Presentations to the City Council include:

    • Reports by the City Administrator, Fire Chief and Maintenance Department
    • Presentation by Board Members of the Scott County Library 
    • City Engineer’s Progress Report on a variety of projects
    • Status Report from Woods Construction & Development

Resolutions addressing the following:

    • Authorization to proceed with bidding the Fieldcrest Phase I Drainage Work.
    • Approval of Addendum #2 to the Woods Estates Development Agreement (re: Final Dates for Public Improvement Completion)
    • Authorization to Proceed with Bidding Havens Acres/MRT Fence

Discussion of various items include:

    • A second reading of Ordinance #2020-01 – Changes to the Positions of City Administrator, Clerk, Treasurer, Mayor
    • An update on the Parks & Trails Needs Assessment Project
    • Next steps on moving forward with creating a bike-friendly space in the parking lot on Bellingham Road, near the MRT
    • Changing directional signage along the MRT in Riverdale and entrances to Riverdale currently located in Bettendorf
    • Status of IT Upgrades being made by the City
    • Staffing City Hall – including setting dates for public input, creation of a search committee and determining a start date for new employees
    • Progress report on FY 21 budgeting
    • Update on the status of the TIF agreement with Arconic
    • Progress with development of a joint mowing contract with SCC
    • Information on the Campus Master Planning Workshop at SCC on March 3
    • Sanitary sewer system developments; formation of a sewer/utilities commission for the City
    • Expected census activities of note in March and April


A copy of the agenda for the meeting can be found by clicking here.

A copy of the information packet sent to Council Members can be found here. (Please note, this file is approximately 16MB.)

A copy of the City Engineer’s report from MSA can be found here.

Meeting minutes will be posted following their approval at the following meeting of the City Council on March 10, 2020.