A meeting to set goals for the City of Riverdale and to discuss process has been set for Sunday, January 5, 2020 and is expected to run from 2pm to 5pm.  The meeting will take place in the Council Chambers at Riverdale City Hall.

Although it is a public meeting, the gathering is a work session for members of the City Council and Mayor to review goals and processes with the City Administrator and attempt to set deadlines for major initiatives for the coming year. No public input time will be made available as a part of this meeting.

There will be opportunities for the public to provide input at the January town hall meeting (set for Sunday, January 26th at 2pm) and at meetings of the City Council in January.

The agenda for the work session has been set as follows:

  1.  Review of discussions with City Council members on goals and objectives for the coming year. (Mayor Bawden)

  2. Discussion of budget process for FY21 and the allocation of surplus general fund money during the coming year. (Mayor Bawden and City Administrator Kotter)
  3. Outline of administrative processes and a “roadmap” on how things get done in Riverdale. (Mayor Bawden and City Administrator Kotter)
  4. General discussion of meeting and agenda protocol (City Administrator Kotter)

The mayor and council’s first regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 7pm.