The Riverdale City Council approved the sale of this 2001 Sterling Johnson Street Sweeper

At its last regular meeting of 2019, the Riverdale City Council agreed to sell the City’s street sweeper. Although a formal agreement has not yet been signed between the Cities of Bettendorf and Riverdale to fix a price for quarterly sweeping and related services, the cost benefit study conducted by the City of Riverdale this past summer showed a considerable savings to the community through a partnership with Bettendorf.

“The City of Riverdale will not sell the sweeper until the City Council has had an opportunity to review, discuss and adopt an agreement with the City of Bettendorf for sweeping services,” explained Interim City Administrator, Lisa Kotter. “But the resolution passed on Tuesday allows the City’s staff to begin the process of putting our old sweeper on the market.”

A specific use of funds generated by the sale of the sweeper has not been determined. It’s likely the funds will just flow back into the City’s Capital Fund for use on one or more other projects on the City Council’s 2020 list of goals and objectives.

A copy of the resolution authorizing the sale of the equipment can be found here.