Mayor Mike Bawden, Fire Chief Floyd Bruns, City Administrator Tim Long and City Engineer Chris Cooper met with representatives from the Pleasant Valley Community School District on Thursday, August 2nd to discuss a variety of issues facing both the City and the District. The meeting was intended to foster the relationship between the City of Riverdale and PV Schools by opening dialog on a number of issues.

Among the issues discussed were soil erosion management projects related to new construction at Pleasant Valley High School, traffic management around the school to accommodate needs for open fire lanes, a strategy to address EMS calls to school facilities along College Drive and the City’s strategy for reviewing and assessing the invasive plant problem.

School officials were also invited to participate in the review and planned update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the strategic planning process for the Riverdale Fire Department.

Previously identified issues surrounding the soil erosion management projects had already been addressed by the District or were scheduled to be addressed in the near future. District officials also shared plans diagraming traffic flows into and around the high school with Chief Bruns as part of a discussion about traffic management in the event of a fire call at the site.

The City continues to work diligently to establish on-going dialog with the major businesses, Scott Community College and Pleasant Valley Schools as part of its focus on more open and transparent governmental operations.