Dr. Charles DCamp served as the original band director at the new Pleasant Valley High School when it opened in the 60s and went on to teach and conduct at St. Ambrose University and lead various community bands including the Quad City Wind Ensemble and our favorite, The DCamp Family Band (not to be confused with Sgt. Peppers and his Lonely Hearts Club Band). Dr. DCamp also served the City of Riverdale as a member of its volunteer fire department and long-time resident (25 years).

February 16th marked Dr. DCamp’s 90th birthday.

And so, in recognition of Dr. DCamp’s various contributions to the welfare of the communities he’s served, Wednesday, February 16, 2022, has been named Dr. Charles DCamp Day in Riverdale by proclamation issued by Mayor Anthony Heddlesten.

Dr. Charles DCamp Day Mayoral Proclamation


The Proclamation

Whereas, Dr. Charles DCamp was a resident of Riverdale from 1965 to 1990.

Whereas, Dr. DCamp was an instrumental music instructor for Riverdale’s own Pleasant Valley Community School District from 1963 to 1974.”

Whereas, Dr. DCamp was a long-time member of the Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department.

Whereas, Dr. DCamp went on to serve as director of bands for St. Ambrose University and is listed as Professor Emeritus and Director Emeritus of Bands after serving the University for over 30 years.”

Whereas, Dr. DCamp, alongside his family, recently celebrated his milestone 90th birthday at Riverdale City Hall.”

Therefore, be it resolved, that I, Anthony Heddlesten, Mayor of the City of Riverdale, Iowa, do hereby proclaim February 16th, 2022

Dr. Charles DCamp Day

And encourage all residents, staff, and visitors to our community to join me in wishing Dr. DCamp a happy birthday, a thank you for his years of service to our community and the greater Quad City region, and our best wishes on many more birthdays to come.