City Council agrees to sell street sweeper – will contract service

City Council agrees to sell street sweeper – will contract service

At its last regular meeting of 2019, the Riverdale City Council agreed to sell the City’s street sweeper. Although a formal agreement has not yet been signed between the Cities of Bettendorf and Riverdale to fix a price for quarterly sweeping and related services, the cost benefit study conducted by the City of Riverdale this past summer showed a considerable savings to the community through a partnership with Bettendorf.

“The City of Riverdale will not sell the sweeper until the City Council has had an opportunity to review, discuss and adopt an agreement with the City of Bettendorf for sweeping services,” explained Interim City Administrator, Lisa Kotter. “But the resolution passed on Tuesday allows the City’s staff to begin the process of putting our old sweeper on the market.”

A specific use of funds generated by the sale of the sweeper has not been determined. It’s likely the funds will just flow back into the City’s Capital Fund for use on one or more other projects on the City Council’s 2020 list of goals and objectives.

A copy of the resolution authorizing the sale of the equipment can be found here.

Cleaning up your yard? Don’t leave it in the street!

Cleaning up your yard? Don’t leave it in the street!

As homeowners all over Riverdale start to get ready for falling leaves and the final weekends in the yard before the snow flies, we’d like to offer a friendly reminder: please don’t leave your yard waste in the city’s streets this fall or you could be fined for violated Chapter 135.05 of the Riverdale City Code.

In past years, the City hasn’t said much to residents who rake their grass clippings, sticks and dead leaves into the street. But now that Riverdale doesn’t have its own street sweeper and is paying an outside contractor to clean our streets, we’re mindful of the additional expense created when too much debris is in the streets to give them a good cleaning. 

We don’t sweep the streets just to make them look pretty

Leaves and grass clippings on Circle Drive sometime last fall. Please make sure your yard clippings and leaves are either burned or bagged this season.

In fact, quarterly street sweeping and drain cleaning is part of the City’s obligation to retain its storm water management certification, required for metropolitan cities of all sizes – including Riverdale. By keeping our streets and gutters free of debris, stormwater (like rain or melted snow) has a place to go and won’t pool up and freeze at night. That can save the City loads of money down the road by reducing maintenance costs and reducing risks and damage from pooling water.

This fall, City personnel will be checking our streets regularly to make sure yard waste is being handled correctly. Residents who don’t seem to have a handle on their wayward leaves and grass clippings will get a reminder notice in the mail, first. Continued failings/code violations will result in fines.

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City looks to Bettendorf for street sweeping services

City looks to Bettendorf for street sweeping services

The City of Riverdale’s City Council authorized the City’s Administrator to work out terms for an agreement with the City of Bettendorf for street sweeping services.

Iowa’s urban cities are required to sweep their streets and clean their storm intakes drains/culverts at least four times a year. The sweeper currently owned by the city is past its “useful life” and requires $5,000 – $6,000 in repairs. After conducting a cost/benefit study this summer, it was determined the best course of action would be to look for an alternative to owning and operating our own piece of equipment.

In initial conversations with various service providers, it was determined that if the City of Riverdale should pursue a long-term service contract with Bettendorf who could meet both the quality of service standard required (since they have to meet the same standards for their city) and provide those services on a cost-effective basis.

The current plan is to wrap up negotiations with the City of Bettendorf to have their street sweeping crew provide those services to Riverdale on a quarterly basis. 


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