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Update: Weather slows Havens Acres roadwork, but plans are to finish it this week!

Update: Weather slows Havens Acres roadwork, but plans are to finish it this week!

(UPDATE: MAY 4, 2020) – Roadwork continued today from the weekend with all of Wisteria completed as well as most of the southern half of Kensington Street (south of the railroad tracks). The northern half of Kensington Street is expected to be completed on Wednesday or Thursday, as are a few of the driveway entrances that still need asphalt paving.

The only possible bug in the works? Garbage pick up for the neighborhood was delayed to Wednesday to allow the street crew time to finish the job – but with rain in the forecast for tomorrow (Tuesday), it’s now likely we’ll have garbage trucks and pavers cruising through Havens Acres at the same time.

No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from Council Member Kelly Krell who lives in the neighborhood:

Work on the Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation project moves from “behind the curb”  and “into the street” this week as Brandt Construction, the contractor hired to remove and replace the surfaces of Kensington and Wisteria Streets accelerates their project timeline thanks to an early end to the school year.

According to project manager, Troy Stimpson, Residents in the Havens Acres neighborhood should expect some slight delays this week as roadway is removed on Monday and Tuesday, mat is laid down on the roads on Wednesday and then a new road surface is applied on Thursday and Friday. The schedule is, of course, dependent upon cooperative weather – which doesn’t look likely as of this weekend.

Forecasts for the week show one day of possible thunderstorms (Tuesday) and rain again the following day. If the forecasters are right, it might be sometime next week when the actual roadways are reinstalled.

An early end to the school year may help speed up street repairs in Havens Acres neighborhood.

An early end to the school year may help speed up street repairs in Havens Acres neighborhood.

Iowa Governor Reynolds ordered the end of the school year late last week, so now the City of Riverdale is working with contractors to possibly accelerate the road project currently underway in the Havens Acres neighborhood.

The original plan called for work “in the street” to begin after the end of school on June 8. The Governor’s orders change that, allowing Brandt Construction to move into the streetwork as soon as they’re finished doing their work “behind the curb.”

According to project manager, Troy Stimpson, the contractor will keep the City and its residents informed of their project timeline so accommodations can be made:

“We will proceed with milling and asphalt paving after the other work is done behind the curb.  We’ll keep you posted on our schedule. As always, we will also monitor the virus and any potential impacts it will have on our project schedule.”

The total project comes to around $221,000 and was originally slated to be completed in late-July/early-August.

Kensington closed to bike traffic during road construction

Kensington closed to bike traffic during road construction

As Brandt Construction continues to work on the roadway rehabilitation project in the Havens Acres neighborhood (specifically along Kensington and Wisteria Streets), the improved weather has inadvertently created a dangerous situation. Bikers and walkers using the Mississippi River and Duck Creek Bike Trails and, as in previous years, try to take the short-cut through Havens Acres to connect between the two.

Residents there reported over a half-dozen, “near miss” accidents with bicyclists and construction vehicles on Friday, resulting in the City posting signs and putting up a snow fence blocking off Kensington Road. Some riders continued to ignore signs and climbed over the snow fence over the weekend, so the City will install more signs and a second level of snow fence to make the need to detour around the construction a little more “obvious.”

“It’s terribly disappointing that a few bicyclists would flagrantly ignore our attempts to create a safe construction environment down here,” said Mayor Mike Bawden. “We already have our hands full with relatively narrow roads (built in the 40s and 50s), increased neighborhood traffic because more residents are staying home due to COVID-19, and the possibility that school may resume in a few weeks putting more kids and school vehicles into the area at the same time.”

“There’s not much we can do about neighborhood traffic or school buses, but reducing the amount of walkers and bikers going through the area should be a relatively easy thing to accomplish,” he said.

Plans for a more permanent barrier fence between the MRT and Havens Acres neighborhood are moving forward. The fence will create a more permanent closure of Kensington Street and is just part of a larger plan to help re-direct bike and pedestrian traffic around the neighborhood. 

Havens Acres Roadway Project gets underway this week

Havens Acres Roadway Project gets underway this week

This weekend, letters were sent to residents of Havens Acres providing the first details on the planned roadway rehabilitation project for the area. The project will deal with several of the issues resulting from the road resurfacing project done in 2017 and it will also extend the life of Wisteria and Kensington by an additional 20 years.

Starting this week, the City’s contractor, Brandt Construction, will begin doing work “behind the curb” – primarily marking and preparing driveway entrances so they can be rebuilt to match the new road height. Brandt will notify residents at least 24 hours in advance of any work that will be done to their driveway and accommodations will be made, as needed, to provide residents with access to their home.

The major work done in the streets is currently slated to begin around June 8th – after the scheduled end of school. Depending on decisions made by the Pleasant Valley School District, that date may be moved up.

The over-arching concern is to make sure residents and school vehicles are able to enter and exit the Havens Acres subdivision safely and with minimal confusion.

“If we can move the construction schedule up and get the road done sooner because kids are schooling from home, that would be preferred,” explained Mayor Mike Bawden. “Compacting the construction schedule not only reduces the congestion that always occurs around road projects, it could save us some money by allowing the contractor to be more efficient.”

The project was bid on a time and materials basis and is estimated to run around $223,000 in total. MSA Professional Services is overseeing the project on the City’s behalf.

Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation Project

Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation Project

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that they have received shop drawings from Brandt Construction. MSA’s review of those drawings are complete and they have been returned to Brandt. A pre-construction meeting with the City is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 at 10am.

MSA has submitted a proposed Construction Engineering Service Professional Services Agreement ot the City for their review and approval.

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that both Brandt Construction and the City of Riverdale have executed the contract. MSA has also received shop drawings to review from Brandt Construction, however MSA did not start until confirmation was received that the City had approved the contract.

The review of those drawings is now underway.

MSA has submitted a proposed Construction Engineering Services Professional Services Agreement to the City Administrator for review.

A pre-construction meeting with the contractor is scheduled for March 18, 2020 at 10am.

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that the “Notice of Project Award” has been submitted to Brandt Construction. MSA will be submitting a professional services agreement to Administrator Kotter for review and consideration by the City Council at a future meeting.

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that bids on this project were opened on January 21st at 1:30 pm. A low bid of $223,881 was submitted by Brandt Construction of Milan, IL. MSA’s recommendation to the City is to accept the proposal.

MSA also reported that they are working on a professional services agreement to submit to the City for project management services.

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that this project has been advertised for bid. The public hearing is scheduled for January 14 at 7pm. A non-mandatory, pre-bid meeting has been held.

The bid opening is scheduled for January 21, 2020 at 1:30 pm.

MSA’s estimated cost for this project is $233,900.

The City will meet with MSA to discuss this project further and discuss what construction engineering services are needed.

The Riverdale City Council authorizes MSA Professional Services to begin the bid preparation process for the Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation Project. A copy of the resolution can be found here.

According to paperwork provided by MSA, the budget for the project is $228,200 and should be completed during the summer of 2020.  

Construction schedules and traffic concerns for the Havens Acres neighborhood will be discussed with residents at an upcoming neighborhood meeting in January.

The City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Services, met with city officials earlier in the day (12/10) to discuss this project in more detail:

•    MSA reported that plans, specifications, and an engineer’s opinion of the probable construction costs have been submitted to the City for approval. The Iowa DOT has issued a permit for the project. A GP#2 is not required.

•    The City needs to schedule a public hearing for the project.

•    MSA recommends a winter 2020 bid letting.

•    The following key dates were established:

•    Public Hearing: January 14
•    Bid Opening: January 21 (at City Hall)
•    MSA Recommendation: January 23
•    Council to Award Contract: January 28
•    Start of Construction: on or before June 8 (preference is given to beginning on June 9 in case there are questions)

•    MSA estimates 6 to 8 weeks to complete construction. Substantial completion prior to start of school.

•    MSA will submit questions for answers required to complete bidding documents.

•    It was not discussed at the meeting, but MSA suggests consideration be given to beginning driveway work before school is out. 

The City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Services, updated the City Council that plans were 95% complete and ready for the bidding process which is expected to take place in January of 2020. Work should commence on this project later on that calendar year.

Project Details:

Scope of Work:

The sub-contractor will be expected to supply all labor, equipment and materials to rehabilitate roadways on Wisteria and Kensington Street.



Public Hearing Date:


Project Bid Date:


Project Start Date:

On or after June 8, 2020

Project Completion Date:

6 to 8 weeks after start of construction (late-July/early-August)




Percent Complete