Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation Project

Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation Project

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that the “Notice of Project Award” has been submitted to Brandt Construction. MSA will be submitting a professional services agreement to Administrator Kotter for review and consideration by the City Council at a future meeting.

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that bids on this project were opened on January 21st at 1:30 pm. A low bid of $223,881 was submitted by Brandt Construction of Milan, IL. MSA’s recommendation to the City is to accept the proposal.

MSA also reported that they are working on a professional services agreement to submit to the City for project management services.

MSA Professional services reported to the City Council that this project has been advertised for bid. The public hearing is scheduled for January 14 at 7pm. A non-mandatory, pre-bid meeting has been held.

The bid opening is scheduled for January 21, 2020 at 1:30 pm.

MSA’s estimated cost for this project is $233,900.

The City will meet with MSA to discuss this project further and discuss what construction engineering services are needed.

The Riverdale City Council authorizes MSA Professional Services to begin the bid preparation process for the Havens Acres Roadway Rehabilitation Project. A copy of the resolution can be found here.

According to paperwork provided by MSA, the budget for the project is $228,200 and should be completed during the summer of 2020.  

Construction schedules and traffic concerns for the Havens Acres neighborhood will be discussed with residents at an upcoming neighborhood meeting in January.

The City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Services, met with city officials earlier in the day (12/10) to discuss this project in more detail:

•    MSA reported that plans, specifications, and an engineer’s opinion of the probable construction costs have been submitted to the City for approval. The Iowa DOT has issued a permit for the project. A GP#2 is not required.

•    The City needs to schedule a public hearing for the project.

•    MSA recommends a winter 2020 bid letting.

•    The following key dates were established:

•    Public Hearing: January 14
•    Bid Opening: January 21 (at City Hall)
•    MSA Recommendation: January 23
•    Council to Award Contract: January 28
•    Start of Construction: on or before June 8 (preference is given to beginning on June 9 in case there are questions)

•    MSA estimates 6 to 8 weeks to complete construction. Substantial completion prior to start of school.

•    MSA will submit questions for answers required to complete bidding documents.

•    It was not discussed at the meeting, but MSA suggests consideration be given to beginning driveway work before school is out. 

The City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Services, updated the City Council that plans were 95% complete and ready for the bidding process which is expected to take place in January of 2020. Work should commence on this project later on that calendar year.

Project Details:

Scope of Work:

The sub-contractor will be expected to supply all labor, equipment and materials to rehabilitate roadways on Wisteria and Kensington Street.



Public Hearing Date:


Project Bid Date:


Project Start Date:

On or after June 8, 2020

Project Completion Date:

6 to 8 weeks after start of construction (late-July/early-August)




Percent Complete