Waste Management and Recycling Task Force to meet on Thursday, September 20th at 7pm

Waste Management and Recycling Task Force to meet on Thursday, September 20th at 7pm

An open public meeting has been scheduled to discuss the City’s waste management contract with Republic Services and to explore options for reducing the cost of that agreement and expanding the community’s efforts to recycle in the future.

The meeting will be chaired by Council Member Anthony Heddlesten and will focus on identifying possible steps the City and its residents can take to affect the costs of waste management and recycling services for the City without degrading the level of service currently enjoyed by its residents.

As currently envisioned, there will be two or three meetings of this Task Force over the coming weeks. The group’s mission is to research and discuss options that will then be presented to Council for discussion and possible action.

The meeting is open to residents of Riverdale and we encourage your participation.

UPDATE: An agenda for the meeting is now available by clicking here.

Stormwater tips for the homeowner

Stormwater tips for the homeowner


With the recent storms of the past few days and the expected rainfall that will be occurring throughout the week, we feel it’s necessary to provide a handy homeowner’s guide for managing stormwater runoff.

You can download your copy of the guide here. (Note: the guide will open in a separate window)

The guide is designed to help homeowners understand what stormwater is, how runoff can become a problem and what you (as a homeowner) can do about it.

The guide is not a substitute for professional design and implementation of stormwater runoff plans, but it should help you become more informed on the general concerns, solutions and practices associated with this issue.

The City will (via its website and e-newsletter) provide educational material on stormwater handling on a regular basis.

A closer look at Duck Creek after this weekend’s rain

A closer look at Duck Creek after this weekend’s rain


Over lunch today, I made a stop down in the Haven’s Acres neighborhood to take a look at Duck Creek and how the neighborhood that shares a shoreline with the creek is faring following this weekend’s storms (plus a few, scattered showers today).

All in all, things seem to be draining pretty well, although I did email George (the City’s Public Works guy and all-around handyman) to see if he could make sure a couple of intakes were free and clear of debris.

The weather forecast for the week has improved since yesterday – with clearing skies in the immediate outlook (Tuesday) followed by showers through the rest of the week – but not quite as bad as earlier. Nonetheless, I thought it was probably a good idea to take some time today to see things firsthand.

I’ve included some pictures of the creek at its current height for the record:

If there are drainage issues due to heavy rains this week, please let me know on my city-supplied phone: 563-949-2056.

Stay dry, everyone!

Have latex paint sitting around the house? There’s a new way to get rid of it.

Have latex paint sitting around the house? There’s a new way to get rid of it.


It’s estimated that the average household has at least two cans of old, unused latex paint sitting around gathering dust in some corner of their home. But why?

People are often confused when it comes to disposing of paint and other building materials. In some cities (Riverdale included), general building material can’t go through the regular waste pick-up and disposal process because of protruding nails, chemicals, glues, and paints.

The Waste Commission of Scott County has recently announced a new, simplified method for disposing of unused and unwanted latex paint cans:

1. Take off the lid.

2. Let the contents dry out.

3. Put the dry contents (and bucket or pail) in your garbage for regular disposal.

A copy of the promotional flyer from the Waste Commission can be downloaded here.

Flyers that provide the same instructions as well as free paint sticks are available for pick-up at City Hall (for as long as supplies last).

See a problem that needs fixing? Let us know!

See a problem that needs fixing? Let us know!

Under a new process outlined for the City Council at Tuesday’s meeting, Public Works/Maintenance requests can be filed by citizens online using this Work Order Request Form found on the City’s website.

The form requires citizens to provide their contact information, the location of the issue being reported and a specific description of what they see as needing attention (along with the ability to attach photos or video) and then send that information to the City’s Public Works/Maintenance Person for attention.

The goal is to have a response from the City back to the resident within 2 business days.

This process is all part of a broader initiative to better document and measure the on-going maintenance needs of the City. By tracking the type of jobs performed by the City’s maintenance personnel, the Mayor and City Council can identify areas that may need more attention or investment to fully remedy.

The information will also be used in future contract negotiations with third-party service providers to clarify the expectations and scope of work set forth by the City in future contract negotations.

For now, the Work Order process is being tested and refined. Any comments you may have from your direct experience with the process are welcomed.

Please use the General Contact form on the website to let us know about your experience and recommendations for improvement.

Deer and coyote hunting season in Riverdale begins September 16th.

Deer and coyote hunting season in Riverdale begins September 16th.


UPDATE (08/14/18 @ 10:30 pm): The City Council voted to amend and approve the proposed resolution, delaying the start date of the hunt by a day and clarifying language with regard to how close approved hunters may come to structures located in the community. The revised resolution will be posted to this website when it becomes available.

ORIGINAL STORY: The City of Riverdale will be licensing bow hunters to help control the deer and coyote population within the “Special Hunt Areas” designated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources within the city’s limits. The hunt is scheduled to take place this fall and winter, starting on September 16, 2018 (delayed one day because of Riverdale’s Fall Fest) and running through January 12, 2019.

According to the resolution under consideration by the City Council (which is similar to previous resolutions), each hunter must:

  • Obtain a Riverdale Hunting Permit (at $0);
  • Successfully complete an Iowa DNR bow hunter safety education course and proficiency test (taken annually);
  • Hunt in designated areas – and obtain permission from the owner of that parcel in advance;
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 100 yards from any residence, occupied building, church, city park, street and/or roadway (other than municipal property or school property);
  • Hunt during approved/designated hours and days;
  • Use proper field dressing techniques and not leave entrails;
  • Possess all licenses or permits required by the State, County or City;
  • Demonstrate compliance wit these requirements when asked;
  • Present harvested animals at the Spruce Hills Drive Fire Station (in Bettendorf) during specified hours.

A complete copy of the proposed (unmodified) resolution can be found by clicking here.

Republic Services presents request to extend current agreement to 2028

Republic Services presents request to extend current agreement to 2028

Republic Services, the contractor who collects the City’s garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulky items, presented to the City Council at its meeting on July 24th and asked the City to consider modifying and extending its current agreement.

The request was presented in the form of a contract extension on the current agreement with the City. The extension would run through May 31, 2028 and would fix set annual increases each year of approximately 3% per year.

Additionally, the contract extension proposed adding a “Recycling Processing Charge” to the City’s monthly invoice on the first of June each year. The charge would reflect changes in commodity pricing, processing rates and/or residual costs. Due to a number of factors, the market for recycled materials has dropped precipitously and making it more difficult for recyclers to remain profitable.

The Council took the proposal under advisement and intends to review the extension along with the existing contract with Republic to determine the long-term financial impact on the City and its residents. The Council will, in all likelihood, make further requests for information from Republic in order to determine what costs impact the rates the City is currently paying the contractor (rates which are among the highest in Scott County, according to both the Contractor and the Waste Commission of Scott County).

They Mayor has also offered to contact the Waste Commission and other small town mayors to allow Riverdale to compare notes on waste and recycling collection costs, processes and procedures in an effort to determine what other options may be available to the City that would result in lower costs and the same, or better, service.

Work to begin on Crow Creek sanitary sewer repair and creek stabilization project

Work to begin on Crow Creek sanitary sewer repair and creek stabilization project

The engineering firm retained by the City of Riverdale, MSA Professional Services, advised the City Council that work would soon be underway on the Crow Creek Sanitary Sewer and Crow Creek Stabilization Project (ref. Resolution 2018-16).

The contractor on the project, McClintock Trucking and Excavating, has submitted their bonds and executed the agreement with the City. The bid was $27,597.50 – authorized by the City Council at its March 27, 2018 meeting. The contractor and the City’s Engineer (MSA) have met with Scott Community College to discuss details of access and the project schedule.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of May.

MSA will provide regular progress reports on the project at future council meetings.

City-wide clean up day makes Riverdale shine!

City-wide clean up day makes Riverdale shine!

Congratulations and many thanks to Council Member Anthony Heddleston and a number of Riverdale residents who took some time out of their day on Saturday to help pick up Riverdale.

Councilman Heddleston arranged for free collection bags and supplies from the Waste Commission of Scott County and volunteers helped pick up neighborhoods and parks throughout the day.

Special thanks to Teri Stickler who bagged up loads of bike path trash.

Check out the pictures below …