Trick-or-treating tips for a blustery (and chilly) Halloween in Riverdale.

Trick-or-treating tips for a blustery (and chilly) Halloween in Riverdale.

It looks like a chilly night for trick-or-treating – so if your kids are going out, be sure they’re bundled up. And if some chilly, little spooks come to your house, please make sure they’re out of the wind while they’re digging through your candy bowl.

Council Member posted this handy little graphic to the Riverdale Residents’ page on Facebook today and we thought we’d share (for those without a Facebook account, especially).

We also want to share a few cold-weather tips for kids (and adults) hitting the streets of Riverdale between 5 and 7pm tonight:

1.  Add a layer. Kids (especially the young ones) don’t tolerate the cold as well as adults. And since most Halloween costumes are built for cold-weather situation (unless you’re dressed as a Tauntaun), it’s good to make sure everyone has an extra layer (or two) under the costume.

2.  Make sure you’ve got traction. It’s snow boots rather than tennis shoes tonight.

3. And while you’re at it, gloves or mittens and a hat may be required as temperatures drop. Kids can always pull off the stocking cap and put on the mask for pictures (and remember, we want photos).

4.  Keep things bright. Don’t forget to make sure everyone in your Halloween party can be seen when things get dark. Sunset is at 5:58 tonight, so at least one hour of trick-or-treating will be happening as the sun comes down and night falls.

5.  Limit your time outside. Remember, little bodies get cold faster – so you would best be served by breaking your trick-or-treating into a series of smaller expeditions rather than one marathon.

6. De-ice your driveway, sidewalk and front step. Be a good neighbor (and don’t play a trick on the kiddos) by making sure you’ve reduced the slippy-slidy ice and snow from the approach to your home. After all, the little goblins will be thinking about candy and treats and not the ice and snow that lies in their way. (Check out this post on the best ways to remove snow and save your back in the process.)

7. If a trick-or-treater is a funny color, make sure it’s their costume. If you notice a child’s skin turning red, get them inside and warm them up.

Let’s keep an eye out for the littlest ones to make sure they have a fun and safe experience this Halloween.

And, seriously, if you can, please share pictures of your favorite tricksters when they come to your door tonight. You can post them to the Riverdale Resident’s Facebook Page or share them with us here by using this form.