April egg hunt postponed due to COVID-19 concerns

April egg hunt postponed due to COVID-19 concerns

At it’s last meeting (held on March 24), the Riverdale City Council passed a resolution authorizing Council Member Kelly Krell to re-schedule the annual egg hunt, planned for April 4, to a later date. This decision did not come as a surprise.

The resolution allows Council Member Krell to cancel existing contracts for the April 4 event and re-negotiate agreements with vendors for other events currently on the Community Engagement calendar for remainder of the calendar year. Whether the egg hunt activity becomes part of another event (like the Ice Cream Social scheduled for June) or remains a stand-alone activity to be held later this year, remains to be seen.

Please keep an eye on the City’s website and social media for more updates.

UPDATE:  Riverdale Egg Hunt date may be changed!

UPDATE: Riverdale Egg Hunt date may be changed!

UPDATE (03/16/2020) Due to the coronavirus outbreak and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, the City Council will be discussing the possible delay or cancellation of this event. Please watch our website or social media channels for an update.

ORIGINAL POST (02/28/2020) Make sure you add this to your calendar …

The first city-wide event of the year, Riverdale’s Annual Egg Hunt, will be held at 2pm on Saturday, April 4 in Peggy’s Park – in the Havens Acres Neighborhood. There will be fun times, great neighbors and lots and lots of eggs for kids of all ages.

Interested in helping with the event? New volunteers are always welcome. Be sure to let us know by contacting us through this form on our website. (Remember to choose the “I want to help with the Egg Hunt” option for your subject line.)