Fall Fest 2018 wrap-up meeting today at 6pm

UPDATED: The Riverdale Fall Fest 2018 Organizational Committee met for one last time to discuss what worked (and what could be improved) and to gauge interest in doing the same event next year.

UPDATE (10/02/18):
The final 2018 Fall Festival meeting was held last night at City Hall and there were a number of suggestions as to how the event can be even better next year. You’ll find them in the minutes of the meeting, posted here.

A survey of feedback from attendees was also reviewed at that meeting. The findings of the survey are summarized in this slide show (for more details, we suggest joining the 2019 Fall Fest Committee for next year’s event (you can do that by sending us an email).

[embeddoc url=”https://riverdaleiowa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2018-Fall-Fest-Survey.ppsx” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]

The final meeting of the volunteers and organizers for the 2018 Fall Festival will be held today in the Community Room at City Hall, starting at 6pm. The meeting is intended to be an opportunity to say “thanks” to everyone involved and to review the results of the satisfaction survey conducted following the event.

There’s even the “rumor” going around that Council Member Kelly Krell will be trying to line up volunteers to work on Fall Fest ’19 for next year.

Come down to City Hall, have fun and join in the celebration!

Seventy photos from Riverdale’s Fall Festival

Thanks go out to Riverdale residents Gwen Halsey and Teri Stickler for some great pictures from this past weekend’s Fall Fest! Check them out …

Fall Fest 2018 was a great success – and we have Teri Stickler and Gwen Halsey to thank for these wonderful images! To see more of these photos (and others), visit our Riverdale Residents Facebook Page.

What did you think of Fall Fest? Let us know.

The Fall Fest Committee wants to know what you thought about the event. You can let them know by participating in our online survey!

2018 Fall Fest Chairman Mark Griswold and Council Member Kelly Krell have closed the final chapter on this year’s event and are now asking residents of Riverdale to participate in an online survey to provide feedback that will be considered for next year.

You can complete the survey below:

Create your own user feedback survey

Invasive Plant Task Force schedules its next meeting

Council Member Kelly Krell has called for the next meeting of the Invasive Plant Task Force to meet at City Hall on Monday, October 24th at 5pm. More details inside!

The Invasive Plant Task Force will hold its next meeting at City Hall on Monday, October 24, 2018 at 5pm. An agenda can be viewed by clicking here.

The meeting will include a presentation and Q&A session with an invasive plants expert from the US Fish & Wildlife Service to talk about the challenges facing the City. This discussion will include the expert’s own evaluation of Riverdale’s wild landscape and recommendations for possible action by the City, local businesses and its residents.

The meeting will also include a field trip into the community to gauge the scope of the issue first-hand.

Additional sponsors sign on to Riverdale Fall Fest

Two new sponsors have joined in the fun for this weekend’s Riverdale Fall Fest. Brenny’s Motorcycle Clinic and COSTCO will be providing equipment and food for the event as sponsors.

In addition to the current Fall Fest Sponsors (MSA Professional Services and BLPR), the event has just added two new sponsors to the list.

Brenny’s Motorcycle Clinic, located in Riverdale, will be providing vehicles for the parade and celebration activities and COSTCO will be providing food.

Please be sure to say “thanks” to all of the sponsors at Saturday’s event.

Just a few more volunteers needed for upcoming Fall Fest!

Just a few more volunteers are needed for the 2018 fall fest! Sign up today!


According to Council Member Kelly Krell and event chairman Mark Griswold, just a few more volunteers are needed to make sure the 2018 Fall Fest goes off without a hitch on September 15th at 1pm. If you’re willing to volunteer, please click here.

(click to enlarge)

Even though the event doesn’t kick off until 1:00 pm, the day promises to be loaded with fun and entertainment. A parade will kick things off at 1pm, followed by free food, games, bounce houses, face painting, music and more!


MRT biker and walker count is underway

At the request of the City, the Bi-State Commission has installed counters on the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) to count biker and walker traffic for the next four weeks.


At the request of the City, the Bi-State Regional Commission has installed counters on the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) to count bike and foot traffic along the trail for a four-week period. The counters will be able to discern between the two which will and provide counts by the hour which will help to identify the kind of traffic on different parts of the trail and peak traffic periods.

This is all part of a larger effort to improve the way traffic is managed on the MRT in order to make it safer (for those on the trail) and less intrusive (for those whose homes are located near the trail).

Among the issues the City Council is currently facing with regard to MRT traffic:

1. How can the City reduce the risks faced by bikers who fail to stop at major traffic crossings, most notably at Manor Drive and at the State Street entrance to Scott Community College?

2. How can the City reduce the number of bikers who ride through the Haven’s Acres neighborhood to get from the bike path that terminates in Peggy’s Park to the MRT’s riverfront trail?

3. How much MRT traffic entering Riverdale on the riverfront trail continue on through the rest of the City, exiting near the trailer park on State Street?

4. What sort of signage improvements need to be made along the MRT to create a safer experience for walkers, joggers and bike traffic?

5. What visual barriers can be removed to improve visibility for MRT traffic as they turn corners or approach blind hillsides?

6. What other landscape issues need to be addressed to restrict MRT traffic from leaving the path and driving through people’s yards or driveways in order to “cut through” to another destination?

If there are other bike path-related issues that you think the Council needs to consider/address, please leave them in the comments section below.

The state of Riverdale’s Parks

Are you satisfied with the state of Riverdale’s parks? Mayor Mike Bawden shares his views for the future of our City’s parks and recreational programs.


Have you been to Riverdale’s parks lately?

Chances are you haven’t.

I grew up near Riverdale, went to the elementary school down the hill and spent hours in our parks and nearby woods. But like our neighborhoods, nothing remains as we remember them from our childhood.

Riverdale’s parks have evolved over time – and not always in the best way possible.

I took a walk through Bicentennial Park and Volunteer Park with long-time residents Pat and Don Fisher last month and they commented to me how much things had changed. And how it looks like our neighborhood parks could use a little TLC.

I’d say I have to agree.

But the good news is we have a tremendously engaged City Council and one member in particular, Kelly Krell, is focused on our parks and recreational programs in the City. She is currently leading our Invasive Plants Task Force, working with chairman Mark Griswold on our Fall Fest (scheduled for September 15) and conducting an audit of our parks equipment with the City’s insurance carrier.

At some point, I intend to ask Kelly to start working on a long-range plan for our City’s parks. I’m sure she’ll need some help.

If you’re interested, please let us know.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the photos I snapped when I was out walking with Don and Pat and let me know what improvements you’d like to see made to Riverdale’s parks.

Riverdale Fall Festival announces sponsors

Fall Fest organizers recognize corporate sponsors for the event scheduled for September 15, 2018 at 1pm.


2018 Fall Fest Chairman Mark Griswold and Council Member Kelly Krell have announced corporate sponsors for this year’s 2018 Riverdale Fall Fest (scheduled for Saturday, September 15th at 1:00 pm). This year’s sponsors include:

  • MSA Professional Services
  • BLPR

The City offers a sincere thanks to those companies who are supporting our community-building efforts – by supporting this upcoming event as well as other events and activities throughout the year.

Additional corporate sponsors will be announced before festivities kick off on September 15th.

Fall Fest needs volunteers!

Council Member Kelly Krell puts out a call for volunteers. As many as twenty volunteers are needed to help pull together and manage Riverdale’s Fall Fest scheduled for Saturday, September 15th.


Riverdale Fall Fest needs volunteer support for the September 15th event.

According to Council Member Kelly Krell, the committee may need as many as twenty volunteers to help with everything from set-up to on-site activities to tear-down and clean-up.

“Even if you can only help for part of the day because you plan on enjoying the event, that’s okay,” explained Council Member Krell. “Right now, the only volunteers we know we have on board are the ones who helped plan the event. It would be great to get some more help.”

If you’re interested in helping with Fall Fest, please let us know!

Fall Fest Planning Meeting on August 15

A meeting of the planning committee for the Riverdale Fall Fest will be meeting on Wednesday, August 15th at 5pm.


A meeting of the planning committee for the Riverdale Fall Fest will be meeting today at 5:00 pm (in Council Chambers) following approval, last night, of the event budget.

You can read the agenda for the meeting by clicking here.

Rules of the road – or, at least, the bike path.

Mayor Mike Bawden talks about the concerns he shares with residents who have pointed out the safety hazards associated with the Mississippi River Trail – the bike path that runs through Riverdale.

Riverdale is a small city. But the bike path is a big deal.

And we’ve had more than a few residents express their concern and point out the safety hazards of how the MRT (Mississippi River Trail) crosses Manor Drive and, to a lesser extent, the Scott Community College Entrance on State Street.

I’ve also had a few “close calls” with bikers on the trail as they crossed my driveway – hidden by shrubs and scrub trees until the last possible moment. I’ll try to get that vegetation removed (it’s not mine), but the fact I’ve almost hit a biker or two makes the concerns raised by our citizens emphasizes the problem.

I also walk the bike path through Riverdale and Bettendorf several times a week and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later …

… nobody seems to know what they’re doing when it comes to riding or walking on the bike path.

I remember learning in elementary school (and Cub Scouts) that you were supposed to walk against traffic. That was true whether it was a city street or a private drive. By walking on the left-hand side of the street, you could see the on-coming traffic and avoid it if you had to. You also didn’t have to worry about having people come up behind you on bikes and startle you with a friendly “passing on your left” or, as I’ve more recently experienced, a not-so-friendly “hey, move over.”

The problem is, most people don’t seem to follow this rule when they walk or jog on the bike path. I suppose it’s possible they’ve never been taught the rule in the first place. But every time I walk my 5.4 mile route, I play a slow motion game of chicken with other walkers and joggers two or three times an outing.

Sometimes I get a friendly smile and nod, but usually people look put out that I’m on their side of the bike path.

It’s a little ridiculous.

Why is this a subject worth debating? I don’t think you have to look any further than the incident on the MRT in Davenport last June, when 76 year-old Ruth Morris was ridden down and killed by a bicyclist from behind.

So, what can we do about it?

I’d say the first line of defense (or offense, depending on your perspective, I suppose) is to re-evaluate the signage we have along the MRT. We have other issues with regard to directional signage, too, and I think all those can be addressed with some deliberation and creativity.

We can then take our ideas and put them into action with new signage along the MRT and other bike paths and by taking our work to Bettendorf to see if they would be interested in doing something along the same lines. Let’s face it, by working together, Bettendorf and Riverdale can make the entire community safer and more “citizen-friendly” whether you’re on a bike, walking or jogging along the trails.

But I suspect I’m only touching on a few of the possibilities. Let me know what YOU think we could do to make the bike trails safer for everyone who uses them by commenting below.


Are bike riders on the MRT a traffic hazard?

What can be done to make sure bike riders obey signs on the MRT intended to prevent accidents with motorists trying to enter or exit Manor Drive and the Scott Community College entrance? We want to know what you think.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received comments and requests from citizens asking the City to do something about riders on the Mississippi River Trailthe bike path that runs through Riverdale from Bellingham to just past Valley Drive.

The concern is that these bike riders rarely stop at cross streets (like Manor Drive) and could cause or be involved in a traffic accident.

Adding to the concern are the facts that Manor Drive doesn’t intersect the bike trail at a 90-degree angle, making it difficult for cars and bikers to see oncoming traffic and the hill to the east of the intersection with the Scott Community College entrance limits sight lines for motorists.

To the casual observer, both situations seem dangerous.

The City of Riverdale has already posted “Yield” signs at these intersections, but bikers don’t seem to pay attention. The question asked at a recent Council Meeting raised the question of changing those signs to “Stop” signs, but similar signs on the bike trail in Bettendorf (along Devils Glen Road) seem to have no effect.

Would changing the “Yield” signs to “Stop” signs make a difference with regard to legal liability should there be an accident? The City is currently investigating that issue, but the initial research seems to indicate it won’t make a difference.

So, what to do?

What kind of signage would make a difference? Should the City be more aggressive in notifying, educating and possibly citing bike riders who don’t follow the traffic controls?

We’d like to know what you think. Contribute to the conversation on our discussion board by clicking here.

Invasive Plant Task Force meeting set for August 3 at 11 am

UPDATED 08/02/18: A meeting of the City’s Invasive Plant Task Force has been called for Friday, August 3rd. Click here for an updated agenda and more details.

UPDATED: 08/02/2018

A helpful fact sheet on garlic mustard has been added to the Invasive Plant Task Force page on the website. You can view that fact sheet by clicking here.

UPDATED: 07/30/2018

The agenda for the Invasive Plant Task Force meeting has been updated to include a presentation by Brian Ritter, the Executive Director of the Nahant Marsh Nature Center. You can download an updated copy by clicking here.


An initial meeting of the City’s Invasive Plant Task Force has been called for Friday, August 3rd at 11am. The meeting will be in Council Chambers at City Hall.

Those present will discuss the on-going problem posed by invasive plant species in Riverdale’s parks, yards, gardens and wilderness areas and the economic costs of allowing these species continue to grow and choke out ground cover on the City’s hillsides and other green spaces.

City Council member Kelly Krell will lead the discussion and chair the meeting.

The meeting is open to the public.

An agenda for the meeting can be viewed by clicking here.

QC Astronomical Society’s throwing a party – and you, your family and about 1,000,000 meteors are invited!

Riverdale resident Jeff Struve, president of the QCAS, invites all of his friends and neighbors to come to the Society’s Meteor Shower Party at PVJH.

Riverdale resident, Jeff Struve, serves as the president of the Quad Cities Astronomical Society and has invited all of his friends and neighbors to attend the QCAS’s Meteor Shower Party at PV Junior High on Saturday, August 11th (weather permitting, of course).

Struve, who has served as the QCAS’s president for the past two years, encourages folks who come to bring lawn chairs and munchies to the event and watch the Perseid Meteor Shower (and a few satellites) fly through the night sky. Club members will have telescopes handy for a closer look.

For more details about the Perseid Meteor Shower, click here.

The event starts after sunset and is free. Donations are welcome, but not solicited.

City moves forward with bike path solutions.

In a 07/24 report to the City Council, City Administrator Tim Long reviewed discussions he had regarding problems with bikers riding through Riverdale’s Havens Acres neighborhood in order to get from the Crow Creek bike path to the riverfront bike path.

In a report to the City Council on July 24, City Administrator Tim Long reviewed a discussion he had with members of the Bi-State Regional Bike Trails Committee with specific regard to problems experienced with bikers riding through Riverdale’s Havens Acres neighborhood in order to get from the Crow Creek bike path to the riverfront bike path.

The committee is a working group of the Bi-State Regional Planning Authority, a multi-governmental body with representatives from large and small communities on both sides of the river. Thanks to Bi-State, the Quad Cities is able to coordinate major, municipal projects ranging from the I-74 bridge replacement to the Mississippi River Trail which runs through Riverdale.

Three key points were made in Mr. Long’s report to Council:

1. Bi-State is willing to provide trail counters to help establish rates of usage on the trail and at the various entry and exit points to the MRT. The City will coordinate setting those counters up and managing the process in late-July/early-August.

2. Mr. Long will look into the use of “elephant grass” as a screening device to help restrict bikers from riding through residential properties to get to the bike trail. Other communities in the region are using it and Bi-State can help put Riverdale representatives in touch with them.

3. The Scott County Health Department can provide a consulting service to the City to assist with blending in bike and pedestrian trails with the community – which will help balance the “public health” concern with existing neighborhood streets and walkways. Mr. Long will help get the consultant on-board and working with the community.

Once the City has traffic count information and has explored the other items listed above, the Mayor and members of Council will meet with residents of the Havens Acres neighborhood to talk about options available to address their concerns.

Fall Fest Planning Meeting set for Thursday, July 26 at 5pm

Another organizing and planning meeting for the 2018 Fall Fest (scheduled for September 15th) has been called for Thursday evening, 07/26 at 6pm.

Following discussions concerning budget and planning Tuesday evening, the Fall Fest organizing committee has agreed to meet again on Thursday evening (5pm at City Hall) to finish their planning process and discuss next steps.

A full agenda can be found by clicking here. For a copy of the agenda and minutes from the last meeting (held on 07/24), click here.

The meeting will take place in City Council Chambers.

Free Tickets to GO All In at the Ballpark available at City Hall

The City of Riverdale has a limited supply of free tickets to the August 1st River Bandits game. Let us know if you want one or more (while supplies last).

Are you a Quad Cities River Bandits fan?

Whether your answer is “yes” or “no” – we’ve got a great deal for you!

We have a limited supply of tickets to the game at Modern Woodman Park on August 1st (Wednesday night at 6pm – gate opens at 5:35 pm). The game is sponsored by the Waste Commission of Scott County in recognition of its second successful year of community recycling.

If you’d like a ticket – or tickets for the whole family – please let us know via our online contact form and tickets will be put aside for you at City Hall. You can stop by during regular business hours (Tue/Wed/Thur from 10am to 5pm) to pick them up. If those times aren’t convenient, let us know and we can make alternative arrangements.

So, come on down to the ballpark on Wednesday night, August 1st, and enjoy the game, the food, the carnival rides and more as we celebrate with the Waste Commission of Scott County and GO All In at the Ballpark!

Fall Fest planning meeting scheduled for July 24 at 6:00 pm.

The Recreation Committee will meet this Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at 6:00 p.m., in Council chambers, to continue planning Fall Fest.  Anyone who would like more information or would like to help is encouraged to attend.

The Recreation Committee will meet this Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at 6:00 p.m., in Council Chambers, to continue planning Fall Fest.  Anyone who would like more information or would like to help is encouraged to attend.

A copy of the agenda can be found by clicking here.

Kelly Krell sworn in as new Council Member

Long-time resident and community activist, Kelly Krell, was sworn in as Riverdale’s newest City Council member at the May 22nd meeting.

Kelly Krell, a long-time resident of Haven’s Acres, was sworn in as Riverdale’s newest City Council Member at the Council’s May 22nd meeting. She takes the seat formerly occupied by Dean Halsey who resigned earlier in the year, citing work obligations.

Kelly will be working on a variety of issues – primarily focused around Riverdale’s network of parks and the City’s events and other recreational activities. She will also be chairing a community task force to study and recommend a strategy for dealing with invasive plant species in Riverdale.

If you’re interested in helping Kelly with events, activities or improving the greenspace in which we all live, let us know!

Fall Fest ’18 needs your help!

Riverdale Fall Fest 2018 needs help getting organized and pulling off a great end-of-summer celebration. Chairperson Mark Griswold can be contacted for more information.

New to Riverdale this year is an event called the Riverdale Fall Festival. This event is intended to be an end-of-summer celebration that brings the community together and recognizes all the great things we’ve been able to accomplish in the past year.

Current events planned include water sports with the RVFD, games for kids, a pot luck luncheon, music and plenty of ice cream!

Chairperson Mark Griswold is hard at work with a small committee to square away all the details, but he could always use some help. If you’re interested, Mark can be contacted for more information.