City continues to build on relationship with PV Schools

City officials met with representatives from the Pleasant Valley Community School District on Thursday, August 2nd to discuss a variety of issues.

Mayor Mike Bawden, Fire Chief Floyd Bruns, City Administrator Tim Long and City Engineer Chris Cooper met with representatives from the Pleasant Valley Community School District on Thursday, August 2nd to discuss a variety of issues facing both the City and the District. The meeting was intended to foster the relationship between the City of Riverdale and PV Schools by opening dialog on a number of issues.

Among the issues discussed were soil erosion management projects related to new construction at Pleasant Valley High School, traffic management around the school to accommodate needs for open fire lanes, a strategy to address EMS calls to school facilities along College Drive and the City’s strategy for reviewing and assessing the invasive plant problem.

School officials were also invited to participate in the review and planned update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the strategic planning process for the Riverdale Fire Department.

Previously identified issues surrounding the soil erosion management projects had already been addressed by the District or were scheduled to be addressed in the near future. District officials also shared plans diagraming traffic flows into and around the high school with Chief Bruns as part of a discussion about traffic management in the event of a fire call at the site.

The City continues to work diligently to establish on-going dialog with the major businesses, Scott Community College and Pleasant Valley Schools as part of its focus on more open and transparent governmental operations.

Do we have a problem at the intersection of Fenno Road and Valley Drive?

Do we need a stop sign at the intersection of Fenno Road and Valley Drive? The City would like to hear from you.

In response to citizen complaints, the City Council recently discussed the viability of putting a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Valley Drive and Fenno Road. More precisely, there were concerns raised about the ability of traffic traveling down Fenno Drive to stop before entering the intersection when road conditions were snow-packed and icy.

There were some questions raised as to the number of incidents at that intersection that could be avoided by putting up the sign. Members of the Riverdale Fire Department who were present at the meeting claimed no memory of responding to any car accidents at that intersection.

Is it possible those accidents occurred but were not reported?

Complicating matters is the fact that part of any traffic solution for the intersection will involve collaborating with Bettendorf.

It’s important the City have a clear understanding of the public safety issues involved, the traffic affected and the various options available for making the situation safer throughout the year (not just in the winter months).

But the process for improving that intersection and making Riverdale a safer place can all start here.

If you have an incident you can share that involves that intersection, please tell us about it. All of the stories collected – as well as additional research City staff is conducting independently – will be compiled and reviewed with the Council to determine a course of action.

Please provide your comments by September 1, 2018.

UPDATE: 08/03/2018

We have started a discussion board on this topic. Please let us know what you think.


Invasive Plant Task Force meeting set for August 3 at 11 am

UPDATED 08/02/18: A meeting of the City’s Invasive Plant Task Force has been called for Friday, August 3rd. Click here for an updated agenda and more details.

UPDATED: 08/02/2018

A helpful fact sheet on garlic mustard has been added to the Invasive Plant Task Force page on the website. You can view that fact sheet by clicking here.

UPDATED: 07/30/2018

The agenda for the Invasive Plant Task Force meeting has been updated to include a presentation by Brian Ritter, the Executive Director of the Nahant Marsh Nature Center. You can download an updated copy by clicking here.


An initial meeting of the City’s Invasive Plant Task Force has been called for Friday, August 3rd at 11am. The meeting will be in Council Chambers at City Hall.

Those present will discuss the on-going problem posed by invasive plant species in Riverdale’s parks, yards, gardens and wilderness areas and the economic costs of allowing these species continue to grow and choke out ground cover on the City’s hillsides and other green spaces.

City Council member Kelly Krell will lead the discussion and chair the meeting.

The meeting is open to the public.

An agenda for the meeting can be viewed by clicking here.

Riverdale fire fighters surpass 1,000 hours of training for 2018

Last Monday’s training exercise pushed twenty of the RFD’s thirty volunteer fire fighters past 50 hours of intense training this year and moved the balance of the department along the goal of doubling the a state-required standard of 24 hours’ training every calendar year.

Congratulations to the nearly 30 volunteers in the Riverdale Fire Department. Last Monday’s training exercise pushed twenty of them past 50 hours of intense training this year and moved the balance of the department along the goal of doubling the a state-required standard of 24 hours’ training every calendar year.

According to the department’s Facebook Page, Monday night’s training was search and rescue and communication. The fire fighters we able to reach little over 12 feet by stretching as far as they could.

The firemen’s masks were covered with hoods so they couldn’t see and were forced to communicate with each other to coordinate their actions.

RFD fire fighters meet at City Hall on Monday nights at 6:30 for 2-3 hours of training every week of the year.

Check out the video and photos of our firefighters in action – albeit at floor level:


Republic Services presents request to extend current agreement to 2028

At the July 24th City Council Meeting, Republic Services requested a contract extension with the City that would obligate Riverdale to 3% annual increases and potentially other fees through May of 2028.

Republic Services, the contractor who collects the City’s garbage, recycling, yard waste and bulky items, presented to the City Council at its meeting on July 24th and asked the City to consider modifying and extending its current agreement.

The request was presented in the form of a contract extension on the current agreement with the City. The extension would run through May 31, 2028 and would fix set annual increases each year of approximately 3% per year.

Additionally, the contract extension proposed adding a “Recycling Processing Charge” to the City’s monthly invoice on the first of June each year. The charge would reflect changes in commodity pricing, processing rates and/or residual costs. Due to a number of factors, the market for recycled materials has dropped precipitously and making it more difficult for recyclers to remain profitable.

The Council took the proposal under advisement and intends to review the extension along with the existing contract with Republic to determine the long-term financial impact on the City and its residents. The Council will, in all likelihood, make further requests for information from Republic in order to determine what costs impact the rates the City is currently paying the contractor (rates which are among the highest in Scott County, according to both the Contractor and the Waste Commission of Scott County).

They Mayor has also offered to contact the Waste Commission and other small town mayors to allow Riverdale to compare notes on waste and recycling collection costs, processes and procedures in an effort to determine what other options may be available to the City that would result in lower costs and the same, or better, service.

City moves forward with bike path solutions.

In a 07/24 report to the City Council, City Administrator Tim Long reviewed discussions he had regarding problems with bikers riding through Riverdale’s Havens Acres neighborhood in order to get from the Crow Creek bike path to the riverfront bike path.

In a report to the City Council on July 24, City Administrator Tim Long reviewed a discussion he had with members of the Bi-State Regional Bike Trails Committee with specific regard to problems experienced with bikers riding through Riverdale’s Havens Acres neighborhood in order to get from the Crow Creek bike path to the riverfront bike path.

The committee is a working group of the Bi-State Regional Planning Authority, a multi-governmental body with representatives from large and small communities on both sides of the river. Thanks to Bi-State, the Quad Cities is able to coordinate major, municipal projects ranging from the I-74 bridge replacement to the Mississippi River Trail which runs through Riverdale.

Three key points were made in Mr. Long’s report to Council:

1. Bi-State is willing to provide trail counters to help establish rates of usage on the trail and at the various entry and exit points to the MRT. The City will coordinate setting those counters up and managing the process in late-July/early-August.

2. Mr. Long will look into the use of “elephant grass” as a screening device to help restrict bikers from riding through residential properties to get to the bike trail. Other communities in the region are using it and Bi-State can help put Riverdale representatives in touch with them.

3. The Scott County Health Department can provide a consulting service to the City to assist with blending in bike and pedestrian trails with the community – which will help balance the “public health” concern with existing neighborhood streets and walkways. Mr. Long will help get the consultant on-board and working with the community.

Once the City has traffic count information and has explored the other items listed above, the Mayor and members of Council will meet with residents of the Havens Acres neighborhood to talk about options available to address their concerns.

Fall Fest Planning Meeting set for Thursday, July 26 at 5pm

Another organizing and planning meeting for the 2018 Fall Fest (scheduled for September 15th) has been called for Thursday evening, 07/26 at 6pm.

Following discussions concerning budget and planning Tuesday evening, the Fall Fest organizing committee has agreed to meet again on Thursday evening (5pm at City Hall) to finish their planning process and discuss next steps.

A full agenda can be found by clicking here. For a copy of the agenda and minutes from the last meeting (held on 07/24), click here.

The meeting will take place in City Council Chambers.

Do we have your phone number?

Have you reviewed your listing in our online phone directory? If you’d like to make a change or have your listing removed, here’s how you can do that.

The City Phone Directory is now online (click here to access it) – but we need to make sure our information is current. Please take a look at our online directory and let us know if we have your phone number right, if you want your number removed or if you want your listing removed from the directory entirely.

The information shown (with one or two exceptions) is the same information published in the most recent printed phone directory.



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RFD fires up some “little squirts” at Hy-Vee

Firefighters from Riverdale’s Fire Department spent time in the Hy-Vee parking lot last Sunday to teach kids some important lessons about fire safety. Check out the pictures!

Kudos to the Riverdale Fire Department for the great job they did teaching kids and their families the essentials of fire safety at Hy-Vee last Sunday. Special thanks to all the volunteers.

Follow the Riverdale Fire Department on Facebook to keep up with everything they do!

PVHS girls’ softball team wins state title.

The City of Riverdale salutes the PVHS Spartan Softball team for winning their second, consecutive state championship. Well done!

Congratulations to the Pleasant Valley High School girls’ softball team for winning their second straight state championship title. We’re proud to have PVHS in Riverdale!

You can read the whole story about the Spartan’s win against Indianola on the Quad-City Times website.

We’ll be recognizing the team’s incredible journey and final victory with a city proclamation at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Click on the link to view a copy of the PVHS Girls Softball Proclamation.

Free Tickets to GO All In at the Ballpark available at City Hall

The City of Riverdale has a limited supply of free tickets to the August 1st River Bandits game. Let us know if you want one or more (while supplies last).

Are you a Quad Cities River Bandits fan?

Whether your answer is “yes” or “no” – we’ve got a great deal for you!

We have a limited supply of tickets to the game at Modern Woodman Park on August 1st (Wednesday night at 6pm – gate opens at 5:35 pm). The game is sponsored by the Waste Commission of Scott County in recognition of its second successful year of community recycling.

If you’d like a ticket – or tickets for the whole family – please let us know via our online contact form and tickets will be put aside for you at City Hall. You can stop by during regular business hours (Tue/Wed/Thur from 10am to 5pm) to pick them up. If those times aren’t convenient, let us know and we can make alternative arrangements.

So, come on down to the ballpark on Wednesday night, August 1st, and enjoy the game, the food, the carnival rides and more as we celebrate with the Waste Commission of Scott County and GO All In at the Ballpark!

July 24, 2018 Regular Meeting

A regular meeting of the Riverdale City Council will take place in the Council Chambers at City Hall on Tuesday, July 24th at 7pm.

A regular meeting of the Riverdale City Council took place on Tuesday evening, July 24th at 7pm.  The meeting was held in the Council Chambers at Riverdale City Hall.

You can review a copy of the agenda by clicking here.

You can review a copy of the information packet for the meeting by clicking here.

The City Engineer’s report (MSA) can be viewed by clicking here.

The report from the Riverdale Fire Department can be viewed by clicking here.

You can review a copy of the minutes of the City Council (amended and approved by the Council at its August 14th meeting) by clicking here.

Riverdale, McCausland and LeClaire Fire Departments use Welch house for training.

The Riverdale Fire Department had a rare opportunity to hone their skills by working inside a burning home on Saturday, June 14th. Check out the pictures!

Kudos to Chief Floyd Bruns, Assistant Chief Brian Ballard and the rest of the Riverdale Fire Department for maximizing the training opportunity afforded by burning down the old Welch farm house on State Street. Developer Seth Woods generously gave permission and access to the property for the training fire.

Firefighters from McCausland and LeClaire also participated in the exercise.

You can see video from the training fire as well as other pictures – and keep up on your favorite volunteer fire department – by following the RFD on Facebook.

July 10, 2017 Regular Meeting

Agenda, information packet, reports and minutes of the July 10, 2018 meeting of the Riverdale City Council.

A regular meeting of the Riverdale City Council took place on Tuesday evening, July 10th at 7pm.  The meeting was held in the Council Chambers at Riverdale City Hall, Mayor Mike Bawden presided.

You can review a copy of the agenda by clicking here.

A copy of the Council Packet is available for review by clicking here. A copy of the City Engineer’s report (from MSA Consulting) can be viewed by clicking here.

A copy of the minutes from this meeting approved by the City Council at its July 24, 2018 meeting can be found by clicking here.

Planning & Zoning Commission asks developer to address concerns on Woods Estate water detention area

Riverdale’s Planning & Zoning Commission met on Thursday, May 24 to review and discuss the preliminary plat for the Woods Estates development.

Riverdale’s Planning & Zoning Commission met on Thursday, May 24th and was joined by 8 residents, and Council members Littrel and Heddlesten. According to Zoning Administrator, Tim Long, the meeting included “a reasoned Q & A with the public, the Commission, our engineer and J & M’s new engineer.”

The developer, Woods Construction, will work to address issues with the proposed detention area – looking to greatly diminish the large one originally proposed by means of distributed detention throughout the project.  As a result, the proposed subdivision will lose building lots in the process. The exact number of lots and the re-configuration of the neighborhood is not known at this time.

The preliminary plat, once re-drawn, will come back to the Planning & Zoning Commission for another review.  The developer is in process to define and obtain needed real estate from Arconic to build out an Iowa DOT-approved intersection.

Kelly Krell sworn in as new Council Member

Long-time resident and community activist, Kelly Krell, was sworn in as Riverdale’s newest City Council member at the May 22nd meeting.

Kelly Krell, a long-time resident of Haven’s Acres, was sworn in as Riverdale’s newest City Council Member at the Council’s May 22nd meeting. She takes the seat formerly occupied by Dean Halsey who resigned earlier in the year, citing work obligations.

Kelly will be working on a variety of issues – primarily focused around Riverdale’s network of parks and the City’s events and other recreational activities. She will also be chairing a community task force to study and recommend a strategy for dealing with invasive plant species in Riverdale.

If you’re interested in helping Kelly with events, activities or improving the greenspace in which we all live, let us know!

Development of a community readiness plan now underway

Councilman Paul DCamp presented initial findings on the development of a community-wide, emergency/disaster planning process for consideration by the City Council at its 04/24 meeting.

Council Member Paul DCamp reported that he has begun the process of assembling a team to review the City’s emergency services needs and capabilities. As the member of the City Council tasked with moving forward on fire and public safety matters, Councilman DCamp has reached out to the Scott Emergency Management Agency (SCEMA) as part of his initial research on developing a needs assessment and – eventually – a plan for dealing with natural disasters, industrial accidents and other emergency situations that may occur within the city limits.

According to the advice provided by Mr. David Donovan, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Scott County, the first step in developing a community-wide plan would be to pull together a small, core planning team and meet to discuss a process and timeline for research and plan development. Mr. Donovan offered to meet with Riverdale’s core planning team once one was assembled.

Mr. Donovan’s suggestion was:

“In addition to the mayor/council, I would suggest a city hall staff [member], someone from fire (Brian Ballard might be good or whomever Floyd would suggest), and public works. This group would lead the effort. Others to consider pulling in would include Sheriff’s Office, local business (Arconic, MidAmerican, Schebler, etc.), one or two residents, Scott Community College and PV Schools. Those folks could be a larger steering committee that would provide input as the plan progresses.”

Councilman DCamp proposed moving ahead with the creation of a small core planning team. Formal action (if needed) will be taken at the next City Council meeting.

Interested in pitching in to help? Let us know.

RVFD receives kudos from Arconic for April 21 fire response

Arconic Davenport Works’ Plant Protection Manager passes along the company’s thanks for a job well done to the RVFD.

Awesome job by the Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD) who, along with Bettendorf, LeClaire and Rock Island Arsenal departments provided a quick response to a fire at Arconic’s Davenport Works on Saturday, April 21st.

Asst. Fire Chief Brian Ballard received a note of thanks from the plant protection manager at Arconic’s Davenport Works, Dennis Graham, this past week:

“Thanks to the dedication and mutual response from local resources, we were able to minimize the damage to our facility and reduce interruption to production while ensuring employees were kept safe.”

Congratulations on a job well done!

City Engineer review of preliminary Woods Estate plat identifies various issues

MSA Professional Services, the engineering firm retained by Riverdale to serve as the City’s Engineer, provides an update on their review of the preliminary plat of the Woods Estates project.

The City’s engineering firm, MSA Professional Services, reports they have met with City Administrator, Tim Long, and Council Member Anthony Heddlesten to discuss concerns with the preliminary plat submitted by Developer Seth Woods for the Woods Estates housing addition.

According to MSA:

“After the Planning and Zoning hearing is complete, it seems obvious that the developer and their engineer will have many issues to resolve. We suggest that the City, MSA, the developer and their engineer have a meeting to discuss the possible resolution of some of the more major concerns.”

City Seeks Volunteers to Serve

Interested in serving the City of Riverdale? We have openings for a new Council Member and a member of the City’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

Interested in serving the City of Riverdale?
Following the resignation of Councilman Dean Halsey at the City’s last Council Meeting, we now have a vacancy on our City Council. Planning and Zoning Commissioner Jenny Staub has also resigned so we need to fill that vacancy as well.

If you’re a resident of Riverdale and interested in serving either term, please email Mayor Mike Bawden at:

Please contact the mayor by the end of the month (April 30) so he can conduct phone interviews and then make appointments at the City’s May 8th Council Meeting.

City-wide clean up day makes Riverdale shine!

Riverdale residents took some time out this past weekend to help pick up Riverdale. Special thanks to the volunteers and Council Member Anthony Heddleston for the job well done!

Congratulations and many thanks to Council Member Anthony Heddleston and a number of Riverdale residents who took some time out of their day on Saturday to help pick up Riverdale.

Councilman Heddleston arranged for free collection bags and supplies from the Waste Commission of Scott County and volunteers helped pick up neighborhoods and parks throughout the day.

Special thanks to Teri Stickler who bagged up loads of bike path trash.

Check out the pictures below …

Woods Estates lot sales begin

Builder/developer Seth Woods cleared most of the hillside leading into the new Woods Estates development and posted signage announcing the availability of lots for sale.

Builder/developer Seth Woods has cleared most of the hillside leading into the new Woods Estates development (formerly known as the Welch Farm) in Riverdale. The project – currently in front of the City’s Planning & Zoning Commission – calls for 117 lots with homes expected to sell in the $450,000 range.

Signage announcing the availability of lots were posted on-site by Mel Foster Company, the agent handling lot sales for Woods Construction.

Interestingly enough, it was Mel Foster who developed the Pleasant Hills additions (I through IV) which included Elmhurst Lane, Fieldcrest, Manor and Circle Drives.

Fall Fest ’18 needs your help!

Riverdale Fall Fest 2018 needs help getting organized and pulling off a great end-of-summer celebration. Chairperson Mark Griswold can be contacted for more information.

New to Riverdale this year is an event called the Riverdale Fall Festival. This event is intended to be an end-of-summer celebration that brings the community together and recognizes all the great things we’ve been able to accomplish in the past year.

Current events planned include water sports with the RVFD, games for kids, a pot luck luncheon, music and plenty of ice cream!

Chairperson Mark Griswold is hard at work with a small committee to square away all the details, but he could always use some help. If you’re interested, Mark can be contacted for more information.