Be Aware: Break-ins in Deerbrook reported last night.

Be Aware: Break-ins in Deerbrook reported last night.

For the past two weeks, Riverdale residents have reported seeing unfamiliar cars and pedestrians in the morning hours in the Manor/Circle Drive areas. Although no break-ins have been reported in our city, it appears some criminal activity has now been reported in the Deerbrook neighborhood in Bettendorf (next to Riverdale).

Here is the report from the Bettendorf Police Department:

On Thursday October 24, 2019 during the morning hours officers were dispatched to 5 residences located in the Deerbrook edition in regards to burglaries or attempted burglaries. At this point it appears that 3 residences were entered where items were taken in the 3600 block of Deerbrook Drive, the 3700 block of Deerbrook Drive, and the 3800 block of Brookwood Lane. Also, it appears that 2 attempted burglaries occurred in the 1400 block of Antler Ct. and the 1400 block of White Tail Drive but no entry was made. These all occurred when the residents were present in their homes sleeping. It was only after they had woke up and came downstairs in the morning did they discover and realize that something had occurred.

Entry was gained through ground level windows that were not secured or latched and/or slightly ajar making it obvious they were not secured. In these cases if there was a screen the screen was either cut or removed.

This is a reminder to secure all your doors, garage doors, and windows to your residence along with locking your vehicles.

Please be on the lookout for suspicious activity in your neighborhood and if anyone has information regarding these incidents, they are encouraged to call the Bettendorf Police Department at 563-344-4015, or Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities at 309-762-9500.

See attached video, provided by a resident, of the possible suspect.

The advice provided by the BPD is sound: please make sure your home and vehicles are fully secured before you turn in for the night. That means all doors, windows and garage doors should be completely closed and locked. Do not leave your keys in your vehicle and if your vehicle is parked outside, do not leave items in the seat where they may entice someone to break a window and take them.

If you see suspicious activity in Riverdale, please call 911. The priority dispatch system will help dispatch the right support vehicles to your home as quickly as possible (depending on the situation).

Thanks to our friends in the Bettendorf Police Department for sharing this information.

If you have any additional information to share or have seen additional suspicious activities in Riverdale you think your neighbors should be alerted to, please leave your name and comments in the space provided, below.