Budget Workshop Dates for FY23

Budget Workshop Dates for FY23

City staff has been hard at work analyzing past years’ budgets and assembling estimated costs for a variety of projects currently under consideration for the coming year and beyond.

Join City Administrator Kent Royster and members of the City Council as they walk through the initial budget for the coming fiscal year (which runs from July of 2022 through June of 2023) and let them know where you think the City should prioritize its investements in the community’s future.

All workshops start an hour before the City Council Meeting (at 6pm). Hard copies of budget documents will be available at the door.

Dates Time Subject
November 9, 2021 6:00 PM Workshop with Fire Department
November 23, 2021 6:00 PM Workshop with Administration
December 14, 2021 6:00 PM Workshop for Public Works including Sewer
January 25, 2022 6:00 PM Workshop to Review Capital Projects
February 8, 2022 6:00 PM Final Review of FY23 Budget

Following the final budget workshop, the City Administrator will prepare documents for a Max Levy hearing where the Council will discuss proposed tax rates for the coming year and solicit the input of residents and area businesses.

What happens after the Max Levy Rate has been established?

Once the Max Levy Rate (a tax cap) has been determined by the City Council, the Administrator will once again go through the budget and make some final tweaks before it is presented to the Community at a Budget Hearing and then to the City Council for review and certification. Once the FY23 Budget is certified by the Council, it is submitted to the County and is “official.”

FY23 Budget work session held on Tuesday, December 14, 2021

FY23 Budget work session held on Tuesday, December 14, 2021


This Public Work Session of the Riverdale City Council was held as a public meeting in the Community Room of Riverdale’s City Hall at the appointed time and in accordance with open meeting laws set and defined by the State of Iowa.

What happened?

December 14, 2021 FY23 Budget Workshop Agenda
December 14, 2021 FY23 Budget Workshop Packet
December 14, 2021 FY23 Budget Workshop Minutes
December 14, 2021 FY23 Budget Workshop Recording

The work session was called to order at 6:09 pm by Mayor Bawden.

City Administrator Kent Royster explained the process he will use to present the budget in pieces, reviewing the numbers with the City Council and the public on a department-by-department basis. For tonight’s meeting, Mr. Royster plans on presenting the Administrative Department (General Government) and will let Riverdale’s Fire Chief, Chris Bernard, present the department’s portion of the Fire and Public Safety Budget.

Copies of the budget documents presented at the meeting are included as supplements to these minutes.

The Mayor asked Mr. Royster to provide those in attendance with a copy of the spreadsheet created to show staff wages and the allocation of those wages across each City department.

Major projects for FY23 have yet to be identified and built into the budget. The City Council is expected to reach some consensus at a budget work session in January. That meeting will be open to the public, but there will not be an opportunity for direct questions and input from residents during that session.

Council members asked questions about expense allocations against prior budgets and the Mayor explained the planned review process that will be undertaken with the FY22 budget in order to draft budget resolution(s) for the current year and to then do a complete review and analysis of the FY21 budget to get the information in the City’s accounting system to square with the summary reports submitted to the State. The summary reports are correct, but the detail the City needs to operate and manage expenses is not clear.

Public Comment

Eric Syverud asked about what the City’s plans are to manage the maintenance costs for everything from mowing lawns to landscaping to snow plowing, etc. DCamp suggested that a variety of scenarios be prepared for Council review and evaluation. Krell reminded her colleagues that there will be another work session for Council in early July to discuss maintenance issues.

The maintenance discussion will be held on January 10 and the next work session for public input will be at 6pm on January 11, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned by Mayor Bawden at 6:52 pm.