Riverdale continues its search for a new manager.

Riverdale continues its search for a new manager.

The City Council, acting as the search committee charged with finding and recruiting two, full-time staff positions, have set an aggressive timetable with the help of consultant Pat Callahan and already have seen some applications come in. In a recent email to the committee, Mr. Callahan asked for their feedback on an “information packet” about the City and the position (of city administrator) he could share with candidates.

You can review a copy of that packet by clicking here.

“We’ll see what kind of candidates are interested in the position in the next week,” explained Mayor Mike Bawden who has been serving as an interim city manager on a voluntary basis for the City since the departure of interim City Administrator, Lisa Kotter. “There’s a lot to do and the Council is committed to finding the right person, so it will be interesting to see how things go for the next week or so.”

Once a city administrator (possibly a Clerk or a City Administrator/Manager or a combination of the two) is recruited, candidates for a deputy clerk or assistant will be evaluated.

The original deadline for hiring the staff and having them in place at City Hall was July 1. The new schedule comes very close with the first person starting in July and the second in late July or early August.

(Updated) City begins search for a new City Clerk.

(Updated) City begins search for a new City Clerk.

(Updated 10-10-19) After reviewing preliminary discussions with a consultant to assist in the search and selection of a new City Clerk for Riverdale, the mayor and council have agreed to delay a formal search until after the start of the new calendar year.

Cheryl Channon, City Council

For now, the City will proceed with identifying and hiring someone to fill the role of Treasurer – another of the positions currently filled on a part-time basis by Mr. Fullerlove. On Tuesday, October 8, the City Council approved the placement of this ad for the position and City Administrator, Tim Long, suggested that he thought it was possible to have a preliminary slate of candidates for review and discussion by the Council at its next meeting on 10/22.

With the decision made by Finance Committee Chair, Council Member Cheryl Channon, to not run for re-election, the Council agreed that they hoped most of the difficult budget work could be completed before Cheryl’s departure at the end of the year. The person fulfilling the Treasurer duties will need to work extensively with Council Member Channon, City Administrator Long and the mayor/mayor elect to make sure this deadline gets met.

(Original Story: 09-15-19) City Administrator, Tim Long, laid out the city’s general plan for finding a replacement City Clerk (to replace Ron Fullerlove who resigned on August 22nd to become the county administrator in Mercer County, IL).

“Ron had been instrumental in helping the City get on top of its financial situation and establish a more proactive approach to managing our tax levies and expenditures,” said Mayor Mike Bawden. “We now need to find someone who will view the clerk’s position in Riverdale as an opportunity for growth – and that may require us to make some changes to the ways we’ve been doing things over past practices.”

After conducting some initial meetings with other city administrators and consultants with knowledge of the market, Mayor Bawden and Administrator Long intend to provide a more detailed breakdown of the search and hiring process to City Council members for their review and input.