City Administrator goals and objectives set for 2022

City Administrator goals and objectives set for 2022

As its last piece of business in 2021, the City Council of Riverdale finalized and approved an ambitious set of goals and objectives for City Administrator Kent Royster who is currently the sole employee of the City. Among the first items on his list: recruiting and hiring some people to help him in 2022.

It’s been a long road

City Administrator, Kent Royster

Kent Royster was hired by the City of Riverdale at the beginning of the City’s 2021 fiscal year (July 1, 2020) and along with Deputy City Clerk Katie Enloe, he familiarized himself with the City of Riverdale and helped the city manage with the unexpected complications resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic and only five weeks’ into the job, the Derecho of 2020.

At the same time, Kent took over the responsibility for the roof replacement of City Hall, managed the installation of new exhaust ventilation equipment in the firehouse, oversaw the final details around the rehabilitation of roads in the Havens Acres neighborhood and negotiated daily questions and issues surrounding the accelerated development of the Woods Estates Subdivision.

Like all new jobs, both Kent and elected officials learned there were aspects of the City Administrator’s job that had not been sufficiently addressed in the original job description and by the end of FY21 (June 30, 2021), it was clear that expectations needed to be adjusted. A series of internal reviews with both Kent and Katie resulted in updated job descriptions and an on-going conversation about how staff, elected officials and residents would have to work together to accomplish everything the Council envisioned for the City.

Staff departures

Life started getting much more complicated when Deputy Clerk Katie Enloe turned in her resignation and left the employment of the City as of December 1, 2021. At a special closed session to discuss personnel matters, Kent and the Council discussed how they could set some structure in place that would make it easier for Kent to operate efficiently and keep elected officials and the public informed.

It was agreed that Council Members Kelly Krell and Paul DCamp would facilitate the development of both a series of goals and objectives for Kent to use the coming year and a list of “best practices” for any City Administrator/Manager in the future.

Once the goals and objectives for next year were set in place, the Council would provide a mid-year review with Kent to determine his success at that point and provide a corresponding compensation adjustment, if warranted.

Highlights for 2022

Looking at the agreed-upon goals for the coming year, here are some things we can look forward to …

  • City Operations and Management
    • Organize and manage an “Elected Officials Initial Work Session” in January
    • Conduct an “orientation session” for volunteers serving on City boards, commissions and committees
    • Provide clear and concise weekly updates to residents and elected officials
    • Provide monthly updates to all constituents via mailed monthly newsletter
  • Budget Development
    • Attend, facilitate and participate in the regular meetings of the City’s Finance Committee
    • Present budget amendment resolutions to the Council for consideration
    • Produce a concise financial summary report that allows the public and elected officials to evaluate the City’s revenue and expense activity at each meeting
    • Publish the dates for public meetings/intake sessions, public hearings, and Council actions related to the budget for the coming fiscal year far enough in advance they can be published in the City’s calendar
  • Rules and Regulations
    • Post the latest versions of Riverdale’s ordinances and the City’s zoning code/subdivision ordinance
    • Review City ordinances and regulations in relation to those of other communities within the Quad City region
    • When new ordinances and resolutions are proposed by members of the community or Council, verify the proposal against existing Federal, State, and City code and ensure compliance
    • Provide a report to Council at the first Council meeting of each month about the status of code enforcement
  • Improved Efficiency
    • Turn items on the Administrator’s weekly report into updates on the City’s website.
    • Consolidate the weekly Administrator’s report into the monthly City newsletter
    • Implement online bill pay (credit or debit) on the City’s website
    • Provide a plan to the Mayor and Council for making improvements to the City’s electronic document management system no later than April 1, 2022
  • Personnel Management (internal and external)
    • Have a final plan for on-going grounds maintenance and landscaping completed to review with Council by the first meeting in February
    • Have a revised snow removal plan completed to review with the Council by the first meeting in June
    • At the first Council meeting of each month, present information on staff activities
    • At the second Council meeting of each month, present information on contractor activities
    • Conduct a 6-month review to assess each staff member’s progress with respect to completing the defined goals, and revise as is appropriate
    • Conduct a year-end review to assess each staff member’s progress with respect to the goals and with each staff member’s performance, making appropriate recommendations for each staff member’s improvement. 
  • Strategic Vision
    • Document and publish the Riverdale City vision established within the Elected Officials’ Work Session
    • Facilitate the completion/updating of the City’s 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year Capital Improvement Plans and Budgets for review with Council in the fall of each year
    • Participate in regional efforts that support the building and development of the community and its full incorporation into the greater Quad City region
  • Personal/Professional Development
    • Complete professional training in one of the following tracks:  Municipal Administration; Municipal Financial Management; or Leadership, by December 31, 2022
    • Dedicate 4 hours per month to investigate new trends in city management and changes initiated by the state of Iowa that will potentially impact Riverdale
    • Participate in professional development with the Iowa League of Cities, ICMA, or other professional organizations related to City management and administration

You can download and read the City Administrator’s 2022 goals and objectives here:

City Administrator’s 2022 Goals FINAL