As part of the City’s effort to help residents get rid of their bulky waste this month, residents were asked to notify City Hall if they had an appliance they would like to have hauled away on May 1. The deadline for getting on the “pick up list” is Tuesday, April 28.

The program – the first time it’s been offered by the City – was announced on April 1st after Republic Services notified the City they had to suspend their curbside yard waste pick-up service indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak and that they would be unable to participate in the planned Citywide Clean-Up Day on April 18.

While the bulky waste dumpsters delivered to Volunteer Park and Kensington Street were able to accommodate most bulky waste,  residents are asked to not use them to dispose of electronic waste (e-waste) or appliances (white goods). E-waste collection is still suspended until the Waste Commission of Scott County resumes accepting it. White goods disposal/recycling will be done by the City on Friday, May 1st.

Residents are asked to notify City Hall by calling during regular business hours or by using the form, below, to get on the list for a pick-up. Appliances should be to the curb the night before and, if possible, doors should be removed.  Later this week, the City will notify residents who are on the list as to when the City’s maintenance person can be expected to come by and pick up their item(s).

Appliance Pick-Up Request

Please give us your email or phone number so we can contact you with questions or to discuss alternative times for pick-up.
Please give us your preferred time. We will email you a confirmation once we have a schedule of pick-ups completed (on or before April 28).