City Goals and Objectives for 2020-21

On January 5, 2020, the Mayor and members of the City Council met to identify goals they had for the City during the next two years. This list was added to notes taken by the Mayor in his one-on-one meetings with council members and compiled into the following action list by department. The five-page summary document presented to the Council for review at its January 14th meeting can be found by clicking here.


Based on a review of the various objectives identified in meetings held between the Mayor and individual Council Members and notes taken at the January 5, public work session, the following, over-arching goals for the City of Riverdale were identified as priorities for the next two years (2020-21).

  • Re-organize and improve how the city administration/staff operates and interacts with each other and our residents;
  • Improve our fiscal controls, reports and management;
  • Maintain and improve our neighborhoods, streets, green spaces and utility infrastructure;
  • Review the current structure of the volunteer fire department and develop a comprehensive plan for its future configuration and operations;
  • Increase and improve the experience citizens have with the city and their neighbors;
  • Grow Riverdale’s commercial property base in a way that compliments the quality of life experienced by its residents;
  • Manage the growth and development of the city in a way that is both responsible (to current residents and taxpayers) and responsive (to new arrivals and developers).
  • Expand the days and hours of operation for City Hall to a full work week (5 days a week/40 hours per full-time employee)
  • Re-define and solidify the role and responsibilities of the City Administrator:
    1. Evaluate existing services provided by Interim Administrator
    2. Determine whether or not to make a permanent position or conduct search
    3. Negotiate compensation/benefits and terms of employment
  • Phase in additional personnel as needed; look to outsourced advisors if not a full-time position:
    1. Bookkeeping/accounting services
    2. Records management/storage
    3. IT management/security
    4. Maintenance
  • Establish new job descriptions and performance criteria for all personnel
  • Update the employee manual for the City of Riverdale
  • Upgrade the city’s information technology/computer network to improve the quality and frequency of communications in a way that conforms with the state’s open records requirements
  • Put the city’s ordinances online in a searchable database
  • Provide online bill payment capabilities for sewer bills and other service fees
  • Work with Scott Community College on property maintenance/groundskeeping issues
  • Improve accountability of city staff
  • Investigate other community document/records management systems and upgrade the city’s to meet or exceed that standard
  • Continue to improve the quality and frequency of communications with residents:
    1. Identify people who want newsletters/minutes mailed to their homes
    2. Resume monthly reminder postcards to all city residents/property tax payers
    3. Produce the city calendar to include established meeting dates and events (more than just council meeting dates and trash/recycling pick-ups)
  • Enhance budget document to include due dates for specific projects to assist with cash flow projections and to enable city staff to initiate projects without needing individual resolutions passed throughout the year
  • Establish use/rules for the “Emergency Fund” created out of the General Fund surplus during 2019
  • Document how issues are processed by the city and share that with staff, council members and residents
  • Utilize $0-based budgeting process to create the FY’21 budget:
    1. Identify projects and key, milestone dates for projects
    2. Establish contingencies for each major budget area
  • Finalize allocations of the remaining General Fund Surplus
  • Improve financial reports and make them easier to read/understand
  • Address all issues identified in the city’s financial review from the State of Iowa
  • Make Riverdale more competitive compared to other Iowa QC communities with regard to property taxes
  • Establish a sewer commission for the City:
    1. Re-set rates for residents to generate positive/neutral cash flow through the City’s sewer fund
    2. Review proposed sewer improvements and make recommendations to the City Council regarding related capital projects
  • Bill sewer fees on a monthly basis (to coincide with when charges are received from Iowa-American Water)
  • Explore options to issue another conduit bond in Q4 of 2020
Public Infrastructure
  • Continue work on the MRT/Havens Acres boundary plan:
    1. Install barrier fence behind homes on Wysteria that back up to the MRT
    2. New signage on bike trails
    3. Create connector path between Duck Creek Bike Trail and MRT at Brenny’s/Bellingham Road
    4. Improve the parking area on Bellingham Road to encourage use of MRT
    5. Install camera system at either end of Kensington
    6. Identify bike/pedestrian lane on Kensington
    7. Monitor traffic and report/record incidents
  • Continue the City’s on-going road maintenance/improvement plan:
    1. Havens Acres street improvement project (2020)
    2. Bellingham Road and stoplight
    3. Fenno Road widening
    4. Fenno/Hwy 67 intersection/stoplight
  • Review and implement maintenance program for Riverdale City Hall:
    1. Inspect, repair/replace roof
    2. Landscaping (including tree removal)
    3. Solar panels (evaluate cost/benefit)
    4. Electronic vehicle charging station (evaluate cost/benefit)
  • Complete the parks/green space plan for the City and determine long-term costs
  • Research, write and maintain a flood protection plan for Havens Acres area
  • Install water meter on Duck Creek
  • Explore the feasibility of turning water service lines over to Iowa-American Water
  • Evaluate and repair/replace catch basins on Highway 67 (2021)
  • Develop and implement a city-wide landscape plan
  • Make repairs to the fire station apron and add/repair the exhaust removal system in the firehouse
  • Explore the feasibility and cost of building a maintenance shed (2021)
Fire Department
  • Determine the best/most operative size and configuration of equipment and personnel for the fire department based on needs of residents/businesses and complimentary capabilities of departments in LeClaire and Bettendorf
  • Work with RFD leadership to make them a part of the budgeting and management discussions.
Public Engagement
  • Separate the property management/maintenance piece of “Parks & Recreation” from the recreation/engagement piece
  • Consider creating summer programs for kids
  • Create a welcome packet for new residents
  • Consider live music at the City’s summer event/ice cream social
  • Consider possible partnership with East Moline for 4th of July fireworks on the Mississippi River
  • Riverdale Night at The River Bandits
  • Work out arrangements with Scott Community College to allow Riverdale residents to use the library at the college as our “community library.”
  • Public interest survey
Economic Development
  • Implement a façade improvement program for Riverdale-based businesses.
  • Discuss Bellingham Road improvements with Arconic
Planning & Zoning
  • Update the City’s comprehensive plan to reflect the Woods Estates of Riverdale development and re-assess stated priorities when the plan was created in 2011-12
  • Improve the flow of information, approvals and communication related to future phases of the Woods Estates of Riverdale subdivision 


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