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Riverdale City Hall

If you’re looking for help with city services or want to discuss an issue, the City of Riverdale’s staff is happy to help. It’s best to contact by phone during regular business hours (Tuesday – Thursday between 10am and 5pm). Calls made to the mayor are typically returned within one business day.

Email messages are usually answered within 24 hours.

(HINT: We encourage people to use our online forms to communicate with members of the City’s council, staff and volunteers. Email forms are routed immediately and flagged for follow-up, making them more noticeable to the recipient.)

Mike Bawden | Email | Phone: 563-949-2056

City Administrator
Tim Long | Email | Phone: 563-949-2800

City Clerk
Ron Fullerlove | Email | Phone: 563-355-2511

Assistant City Clerk
Mary Frances Blevins | Email | Phone: 563-355-2511

George Miller | Email | Phone: 563-949-0464

Fire Chief
Floyd Bruns | Email | Phone: 563-355-2211

Zoning Inspector
Lou Wren | Email | Phone: 563-355-1300

City Attorney (on retainer)
Michael C. Walker, Hopkins & Huebner, P.C. | Email | Phone: (563) 445-2245

City Engineer (on retainer)
Chris Cooper, MSA Professional Services | Email | Phone:

Floodplain Ordinances Enforcement
Scott County Planning & Development Dept. | Phone: (563) 326-8643

If you’re looking for assistance contacting someone about specific community services, click here.

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