Public Works

The City’s Public Works activities are reviewed and shepherded by Council Member Anthony Heddlesten. Anthony works closely with the City Engineering firm (MSA Consultants) and lends an eye for detail to everything from storm water management to erosion control, roadway upgrades and more.


Current Projects

Current projects include:

  • Stabilization of an embankment on Crow Creek that was in danger of collapse due to erosion.
  • Addressing drainage and erosion control issues from the construction activities at the south parking lot at PVHS.
  • Addressing and possibly mitigating an on-going drainage issue on Valley Drive.
  • Coordination of a city-wide clean-up effort for the weekend of October 20, 2018.


Have a Suggestion?

If you have a recommendation related to public works projects that you think the City should consider, please be sure to leave it in our online suggestion box.


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