Fire and Public Safety

The City’s Fire and Public Safety concerns are under the oversight of Council Member Paul DCamp. This includes the activities of the Riverdale Fire Department and its non-profit, auxiliary arm, the Riverdale Fire Department Assistance Organization.


Current Projects

Current projects include:

  • A strategic plan for the on-going growth and development of the Riverdale Fire Department and the Riverdale Fire Assistance Organization.
  • The development of a Community Disaster Plan with the help of the Scott County Emergency Management Association.
  • A feasibility study looking at whether or not the City could establish a “Quiet Zone” to keep noise from trains passing through Riverdale to a minimum.
  • An on-going review of how the implementation of Priority Dispatching is working for Riverdale and surrounding communities.
  • Development of an annual training plan for Riverdale’s firefighters and EMS personnel.
  • A review of plans for the annual Riverdale Fire Department recognition dinner and securing funding for the event each year as part of the City’s annual operating budget.
  • Investigation into funding options to pay for new air tanks and apparatus for use by the Riverdale Fire Department.


Have a Suggestion?

If you have a recommendation related to fire and public safety that you think the City should consider, please be sure to leave it in our online suggestion box.


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