Communications and Public Information

Good communications with residents, employees and other key stakeholders of the City’s operation is an important part of responsible city government. Without constant attention to fostering a collaborative environment by its leadership, a city can be left to operate on its own – resulting in less-than-desireable outcomes for tax holders, staff and local businesses.

This past year (2018), City leadership has re-committed to an on-going dialog with Riverdale’s residents. The mayor hosts a monthly, town hall meeting to invite questions and engage in thoughtful dialog about issues facing the City. We have modernized the city’s website to make it easier to find information, provide feedback and track issues of interest. And we’re producing and distributing an electronic newsletter to residents (past and current) who are interested in keeping in touch of the City’s activities.

In addition to that, the mayor and members of the City Council are committed to more public meetings to share information with members of the community and to invite comments both in-person and online so decisions can take multiple points of view into consideration.

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If you want Riverdale to be a great place to live, work and raise a family, you have a role to play. Make sure you’re on our mailing list for our electronic newsletters and subscribe to our Riverdale Residents and Riverdale Fire Department pages on Facebook.

You can also participate in conversations on the Mayor’s blog and on his Facebook page. Take part in the conversation and help make Riverdale a great place to live!

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