The City of Riverdale provides its residents with a number of different administrative services to help facilitate the smooth operations of the City on a daily basis. Staffed with part-time professionals, face-to-face availability is limited to Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9am to 5pm or by appointment.

Although residents are always welcome to come into the office and visit, they may find the hours inconvenient. If that’s the case, we encourage residents to initiate contact with a member of the City’s staff via one of our online forms. Those forms are emailed directly to the Council Member or staff person who has direct responsibility and are often answered within twenty-four hours of their receipt.

Services Provided by City Staff

The City of Riverdale provides the following services to its residents via the staff at City Hall:


City Website and E-Newsletters

The City also maintains an informational website. Several times a month, content from the website will be emailed directly to residents and other people who have signed up to receive email notifications from the City. If you are interested in receiving information directly from the City, click here.

Have any suggestions for improving the website or making it more useful, let us know.

Access to City Documents and Public Records

Riverdale is constantly striving to improve our document handling and archiving. Steady progress is made on this front every week.

That being said, not every document created, logged and filed in Riverdale’s history is available through this website. In fact, the vision for this website is to provide users with immediate access to current documents (primarily meeting agendas, informational packets, minutes and, at some point in the future, recordings of proceedings). Documents and records more than 18-24 months in age will, in all likelihood, not be on the website.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for with regard to a public document, please submit a document retrieval request. There is a nominal fee for research, retrieving and delivering documents, but those are all clearly spelled out on the submission form. Payment information and authorization is required at the time of the submission although document retrieval fees will not be charged until the service is provided by City Staff.

There is no fee for documents retrieved by users of this website.