City Services

Riverdale residents enjoy a number of services provided by the City (primarily through taxpayer funding) and by other community-wide service providers (like utilities and government partnerships).

We provide more details on each of these services on this website, but if you have additional questions, you’re always welcome to contact us directly through the website or by phone (during regular business hours).

City Departments and Services

Many of the services provided to Riverdale’s citizens are performed by members of the City’s staff or volunteers (usually residents) under the advice and general direction of a member of the City Council. For more information on the specific areas of City operation overseen by various Council members, click here.

Administrative Services

Do you want to hold a special event in our community room? Planning a family get-together at one of our parks? Riverdale’s administrative services can make sure City facilities are held just for you and in good order when you arrive.

Moving in or moving out? We want to know. And if you have a suggestion for our website or a future newsletter, we want to know that too!

City administrative services also manage city maintenance issues (handled by our in-house maintenance person or by an outside contractor) and can provide advice and guidance on where to go or what to do if you have a problem that you think needs the attention of City Hall.

You can learn more about our administrative services by clicking here.

Budget and Finance

Just where does your tax money go? City Clerk, Ron Fullerlove, and Council Member Cheryl Channon head up the City’s finance team. We invite citizens to sit in on our annual budget review and planning process every year – so if you’re interested in getting into the numbers, let us know.

You can learn more about all of the City’s financial initiatives by clicking here.

Economic Development

Mayor Mike Bawden works with City Administrator, Tim Long, and others to help continually improve and enhance Riverdale’s business climate. If you have a business in Riverdale – or if you’re thinking about opening one here – and want to learn more, click here.

Fire and Public Safety

Whether it’s security services provided by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department (through our agreement with Scott County) or fire protection afforded by our very own Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department, the City of Riverdale takes public safety very seriously. You can learn more about all of the public safety projects in work at the City by clicking here.

And for more information specifically about the Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department, click here.

Parks and Recreation

Keeping the City’s parks clean and safe is just part of the job. The City is also committed to making sure the parks are full of fun! Riverdale’s community is built by providing great service and reinforcing the bonds of friendship among neighbors. Learn more about the role Riverdale’s Parks and Rec program plays in doing just that by clicking here.

Planning and Zoning

Wondering what’s happening with the Woods Estates project? Need to get your plans for a building addition approved? Click here to learn how the City’s planning and zoning services work and how easy it is to set up an appointment with the right people to help you get your project off the ground (and stay within the City’s ordinances).

Public Works

From re-building streets to picking up trash, the City won’t work unless we’re making sure the Public Works department is on the job, properly funded and focused on the issues that matter most to our residents. Click here to learn about the current projects underway and what they might mean to you.

Community Services and Resources

In a city the size of Riverdale, not all services can be provided by an in-house team. As a result, Riverdale participates in more than twenty community partnerships. In addition to those contractual relationships, the City also has recurring contracts with a number of private enterprises to provide services to our residents.

A full list of services provided by contractors and inter-governmental bodies can be found here.