About Riverdale

Welcome to the online home for the City of Riverdale, Iowa.

Riverdale is unique to the Quad Cities. It covers a little more than 2 square miles and is encircled on three sides by Bettendorf, Iowa and by the Mississippi River to the south. With a little over 400 residents, Riverdale is the smallest city in the Quad Cities metro area – yet unlike most small cities in the midwest, Riverdale is in a completely urban area.


There are five neighborhoods that make up the City – each with its own, unique geography and history.

Belmont Road – there are two clusters of homes along Belmont Road (which constitutes the eastern edge of the City of Riverdale). One is adjacent to Pleasant Valley High School and the other is near the intersection of Belmont Road and Pleasant Ridge Drive.

Fenno Hill – The Manor Hills addition was built in 1923 and consisted of eighteen lots on Fenno Road and Fenno Drive. The neighborhood has expanded since then and now includes parts of Valley Drive and lower Belmont Road.

Havens Acres – Built in 1947, the Havens Acres neighborhood includes over forty lots on Bellingham Road, Kensington Road, Wisteria Lane and Sycamore Lane. Haven’s Acres is directly adjacent to Duck Creek and the intersection of the Riverway and Duck Creek bike trails.

Manor Hill – Developed in the 1950’s (as four additions known as “Pleasant Hills”), Manor Drive, Circle Drive, Fieldcrest Road, Windsor Drive and Elmhurst Lane serve as the largest residential neighborhood in Riverdale.

Woods Estates – Currently under development, the former Welch Farm is expected to include 117 new homes and will double the population of the City when it is completed by 2027.


Although Riverdale wasn’t incorporated as a city until 1950, the community’s history dates back to the mid-1800’s. For a more in-depth look at the history of our community, click here.

Life in Riverdale

People who live in Riverdale are proud of the small town feel of their community. Many citizens are second or third-generation residents and live next to friends and neighbors they’ve known their entire life.

But beyond the “small town feel” of living in Riverdale, residents also benefit from life in a city no more than a twenty-minute drive of any of the attractions and amenities of the Quad City metropolitan area.


There are more than 25 businesses in Riverdale and while many are locally focused, there are others who manufacture goods or provide services to customers around the world.

The City has an on-going economic development program designed to help local businesses grow and to attract new entrepreneurs to the community.

City & Community Services

Local residents enjoy a number of city and community-wide services that make life in Riverdale safe, clean and enjoyable. For a quick summary of the various City departments and services, click here. Other services offered on a county-wide basis and by private companies who serve the greater, Quad City area can be viewed here.

Riverdale Fire Department

Riverdale is fortunate to have one of the premier volunteer fire fighting units in the region. The Riverdale Fire Department has earned recognition for its still and dedication.

The Riverdale Fire Department Assistance Association is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the RFD.


The smallest city in the QCA has three great parks and dedicated community volunteers who make sure they’re kept clean, safe and well-used. Learn more here.

How to Stay Informed and Get Involved

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