Plans to deal with spring flooding in the Havens Acres neighborhood of Riverdale began this past week with the order of 1,000 sandbags as part of a countywide order coordinated through the Scott County Emergency Management Agency (SCEMA). City staff has asked the Bettendorf Public Works Department to hold the bags in reserve and assist in filling them should they be needed to help hold Duck Creek in its banks as it crests throughout the spring.

To further prepare for coming rains and floods, the City will be holding a meeting with concerned residents to discuss flood preparation, plans for distributing sand bags and pumps (if needed) and after-flood cleanup activities. The date for the meeting has not yet been set and will depend upon flood forecasts received from the National Weather Service and Army Corps of Engineers.

“There are supplemental funds in the City’s budget to cover the cost of pumps, sandbags and dumpsters if they’re needed this spring,” explained Mayor Mike Bawden. “Residents were involved in the planning last year and we hope to build on what worked well with that arrangement for this year as part of an annual ‘flood mitigation’ strategy for the Havens Acres neighborhood.”

Affected residents will be notified of the time and place for the flood meeting once a reliable forecast is in hand and preliminary arrangements for materials have been made. Current forecasts say the chance of a major flood currently stand at 50% although there is no projected date for when that flooding is expected to occur.