This Regular Meeting of the Riverdale City Council was held in the Community Room of Riverdale’s City Hall at the appointed time and in accordance with open meeting laws set and defined by the State of Iowa (Sections 21.2 and 21.8).

What happened?

December 14, 2021 Council Meeting Agenda
December 14, 2021 Council Meeting Packet 
December 14, 2021 Council Meeting Minutes
December 14, 2021 Council Meeting Recording

Before the official start of the evening’s meeting, Mayor-elect Anthony Heddlesten and Council Members-elect Paul DCamp and Vince Jurgena were sworn in by Mayor Mike Bawden. The meeting was then called to order at 7:07 pm by Mayor Bawden.

Council Member Vince Jurgena and his wife following his taking the oath of office.

Mayor-Elect Anthony Heddlesten stands with his wife and son following his swearing in at City Hall.

Mayor Mike Bawden presents the oath of office certificate to returning City Council Member Paul DCamp who was re-elected in November.

Following the approval of the consent agenda by the City Council, the City Administrator and other City Staff made their reports to the Council. Administrator Royster promised to clarify the confusion surrounding the Veteran’s Preference Hearing scheduled for Monday, December 20, 2021. (Two different start times for the hearing had been related to Council Members and the actual time needed to be confirmed.)

Staff/Department Reports

City Engineer, Chris Cooper (MSA Consultants)  provided updates on the Manor Hill, Fenno Road and Woods Estates projects – all are proceeding on schedule. Cooper/MSA has also been helping Administrator Royster with pulling together budget estimates for major public works projects to be considered for FY23. 

MSA also assisted the City with a requested response to IDOT for their upcoming 2022 traffic count program. Further discussion was held with regard to the City’s participation in the MS4 program and possible repercussions from IDNR if it stops. His complete report can be found in the meeting packet.

Riverdale Fire Chief Chris Bernard provided a quick update on the number of calls to the department over the past two weeks and training classes held. Department officer elections for 2022 have been held and Bernard will provide names to the City Administrator can prepare a resolution for 2022 for appropriate appointments. 

Sewer Ordinance tabled

The Mayor provided an update as to where things stand on setting rates for the coming year and requested the Council table the third reading of this ordinance until further study can be completed, new rates computed and then re-submit the rates to the Council for consideration. The new rates would go into effect on July 1 and be updated at the start of each fiscal year.

Motion to table made by Littrel , seconded by DCamp.  All ayes. Item tabled.


  • Resolution 2021-59 – Goals and Objectives of the City Administrator for Calendar Year 2022
    The resolution was not included in the packet. Krell updated the Council on plans for circulating the final drafts of the goals. Council agreed to meet again for one last meeting specifically to address this resolution.
  • Resolution 2021-60 – A Resolution approving Change Order #1 for the Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (Phase II) Project
    Additional costs cover the addition of a storm water intake to the project scope for $500. Moved by Littrel, seconded by Heddleten. All ayes. Motion carried.
  • Resolution 2021-61 – A Resolution Advising Residents on How the Increase of Sanitary Sewer Fees will be Used
    City Administrator Royster explained the City would create a customized rate letter for residents to go out at the beginning of each year. The Council clarified what their intention was (not quite so detailed). Moved by DCamp, seconded by Heddletsen, then amended by Krell. The amended motion was then called by the Mayor for a voice vote and passed unanimously.

Finance Committee Ordinance withdrawn

The Mayor suggested to the Council that it wait until the FY23 Budget is completed and certified before moving forward on the adoption of this new chapter to the City’s Code. He withdrew the ordinance – meaning the Council will need to re-consider a new version of the ordinance and read it three times before it can be adopted.

Council discussion topics 

  • Scheduling Additions for Budget Timeframe
    The City Administrator reports that the City Council will be asked to make a formal request for a Max Levy hearing to adjust the City’s general tax levy for FY23.
  • Re-cap of Winter Activity
    Council Member Krell provided a re-cap of the Winter Activity held on December 4.
  • Hiring a New Deputy Clerk
    Forty resumes have been received for the Deputy Clerk position. Five of the resumes look very promising.
  • Veteran’s Preference Hearing on December 20
    The Veteran’s Preference Hearing will be held at 7pm on Monday, December 20, 2022.
  • Interest in Maintenance Staffing Scenarios
    Council Member DCamp brought up some suggestions for creating some additional staffing scenarios that divide work (in this case, Maintenance) between paid staff (part-time or full-time) and contractors/consultants.

Final thoughts from the Mayor

The Mayor read a prepared statement about his past four years as Mayor of the City of Riverdale. If you want to read it in its entirety, click here.

After a brief presentation from the City Council made by Mayor Pro-Tempore Anthony Heddlesten (and the incoming mayor), Mayor Bawden gaveled out his last regular City Council meeting at 8:42 pm.