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A special meeting of the Riverdale City Council will take place on Tuesday evening, June 16th at 6pm. The meeting will be held in the Community Room at City Hall. 

Per guidelines set by the Mayor (in light of the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis), attendance at the meeting will be limited to no more than twenty people (including Council and advisors). The second half of the meeting will be conducted in closed session at the request of the candidate being interviewed for the position of Deputy Clerk.


This meeting will cover items related to the appointment of personnel to full-time staff positions with the City. The items covered as part of the Council’s public meeting include:

  • A MOTION to approve the appointment of the selected candidate for the position of City Administrator/City Clerk and setting the salary for the position;
  • A RESOLUTION officially approving the employment agreement;
  • A MOTION to approve the offer of an employment agreement for the Deputy Clerk position with the City of Riverdale, Iowa to an individual following an evaluation of the interview conducted in closed session; and
  • A MOTION to approve the appointment of the selected candidate to the Deputy Clerk position.

No other business will be discussed at the meeting. The next regular meeting of the City Council is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th at 7pm.

A copy of the agenda for the meeting can be found here.