Fall Fest needs volunteers!

Fall Fest needs volunteers!


Riverdale Fall Fest needs volunteer support for the September 15th event.

According to Council Member Kelly Krell, the committee may need as many as twenty volunteers to help with everything from set-up to on-site activities to tear-down and clean-up.

“Even if you can only help for part of the day because you plan on enjoying the event, that’s okay,” explained Council Member Krell. “Right now, the only volunteers we know we have on board are the ones who helped plan the event. It would be great to get some more help.”

If you’re interested in helping with Fall Fest, please let us know!

Crime Prevention Task Force meeting set for 3pm on Friday, August 31

Crime Prevention Task Force meeting set for 3pm on Friday, August 31


An open public meeting has been scheduled to discuss neighborhood security issues following the break-ins and theft of a car from the hilltop on Saturday August 11th. The meeting will be chaired by Council Member Paul DCamp and will focus on identifying possible steps the City and its residents can take to prevent criminal acts in our neighborhoods.

As currently envisioned, there will be two or three meetings of this Crime Prevention Task Force over the coming weeks. The group’s mission is to research and discuss options that will then be presented to Council for discussion and possible action.

The meeting is open to residents of Riverdale and we encourage your participation.

UPDATE: Auto theft and break-in reported on Manor Drive

UPDATE: Auto theft and break-in reported on Manor Drive


UPDATE (08/15/18 @ 7:11 pm): A letter has been sent to every home and business in Riverdale from the mayor outlining what’s been learned about Saturday’s crime event to-date and providing tips from the Scott County Sheriff’s Office on steps individuals can take to reduce the risk of similar activities taking place at their homes. A copy of that letter can be viewed by clicking here.

Also, Council Member Paul DCamp has been asked to convene a Crime Prevention Task Force to discuss what steps the community can take to reduce the possibility of this kind of event (and other criminal activity) taking place in Riverdale again. We will be posting meeting notices for the Task Force on the Riverdale website, social media (Facebook) and in the weekly e-newsletter.

UPDATE (08/15/18 @ 9:00 am): In a conversation this morning with Captain Joe Caffery of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, we learned that what happened in Riverdale is part of a larger problem throughout Scott County. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The people breaking into and stealing cars are “100% juveniles” and that the stolen cars are used for joy rides. Stolen vehicles are usually recovered in Davenport or Muscatine, although the car stolen from Riverdale has not yet been recovered.
  • According to Captain Caffrey, the Sheriff’s Office would like “all the help we can get” when it comes to catching the perpetrators. Residents are advised to be vigilant and take notice of any suspicious activity happening in their neighborhood, make note of the license plate number of suspicious vehicles and call in a report to 911.
  • Looking at all of the break-ins and auto thefts occurring throughout Scott County, it appears the perpetrators are testing car handles to see if the vehicles are unlocked and are taking loose change they find inside the vehicle.
  • The car thefts reported appear to be the result of the perpetrator finding the keys to the vehicle inside the car or truck once they’re inside.
  • Most of the stolen cars have been recovered in Davenport or Muscatine – although the car stolen from Riverdale on Saturday night has not yet been recovered.

The Captain offered to have someone from the Sheriff’s Office (either the Sheriff or another high-ranking representative) come and speak at a City Council or Town Hall meeting. (An invitation was sent this morning, once we have confirmation of an appearance, we will add it to this post and to social media.)

LOOK FOR A LETTER FROM THE CITY in your mailbox and via e-newsletter on Friday providing tips on what you can do to secure your vehicles and your home to reduce the risk of this type of crime.

UPDATE (08/13/18 at 11:55 am): Sources now tell us that up to three cars were broken into on Manor Drive last Saturday night. According to one source, a report was filed with the Scott County Sheriff’s office. The mayor has called the Sheriff’s office for further clarification and to see if any additional information can be obtained and shared with residents. More updates will be posted as they occur.

ORIGINAL STORY: Saturday night, August 11, 2018, a car was broken into on Manor Drive and a second car was stolen in the same neighborhood.

We ask all residents to remember to keep their cars locked when they’re parked and to not leave any valuables in plain sight inside their cars. It’s also recommended that you lock the door in your garage that leads into the living quarters of your house.

We will provide another update when we learn more from the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

See a problem that needs fixing? Let us know!

See a problem that needs fixing? Let us know!

Under a new process outlined for the City Council at Tuesday’s meeting, Public Works/Maintenance requests can be filed by citizens online using this Work Order Request Form found on the City’s website.

The form requires citizens to provide their contact information, the location of the issue being reported and a specific description of what they see as needing attention (along with the ability to attach photos or video) and then send that information to the City’s Public Works/Maintenance Person for attention.

The goal is to have a response from the City back to the resident within 2 business days.

This process is all part of a broader initiative to better document and measure the on-going maintenance needs of the City. By tracking the type of jobs performed by the City’s maintenance personnel, the Mayor and City Council can identify areas that may need more attention or investment to fully remedy.

The information will also be used in future contract negotiations with third-party service providers to clarify the expectations and scope of work set forth by the City in future contract negotations.

For now, the Work Order process is being tested and refined. Any comments you may have from your direct experience with the process are welcomed.

Please use the General Contact form on the website to let us know about your experience and recommendations for improvement.

Grading to continue on Woods Estates project for the next 3-4 weeks

Grading to continue on Woods Estates project for the next 3-4 weeks

According to a status report from J+M Civil Design, LLC (the engineering firm working with Seth Woods on the Woods Estates subdivision in Riverdale), grading for streets, detention basins and storm water infrastructure will continue for the next three to four weeks. At that point, the “last phase of early grading is anticipated to begin.”

You can review the complete update from J+M’s Bryce Johnson by clicking here.

According to the report, the City Council will be able to review the subdivision’s final plat in September – approval of which would allow Mr. Woods enough time to install streets and utilities necessary for home construction over the winter season.

Deer and coyote hunting season in Riverdale begins September 16th.

Deer and coyote hunting season in Riverdale begins September 16th.


UPDATE (08/14/18 @ 10:30 pm): The City Council voted to amend and approve the proposed resolution, delaying the start date of the hunt by a day and clarifying language with regard to how close approved hunters may come to structures located in the community. The revised resolution will be posted to this website when it becomes available.

ORIGINAL STORY: The City of Riverdale will be licensing bow hunters to help control the deer and coyote population within the “Special Hunt Areas” designated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources within the city’s limits. The hunt is scheduled to take place this fall and winter, starting on September 16, 2018 (delayed one day because of Riverdale’s Fall Fest) and running through January 12, 2019.

According to the resolution under consideration by the City Council (which is similar to previous resolutions), each hunter must:

  • Obtain a Riverdale Hunting Permit (at $0);
  • Successfully complete an Iowa DNR bow hunter safety education course and proficiency test (taken annually);
  • Hunt in designated areas – and obtain permission from the owner of that parcel in advance;
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 100 yards from any residence, occupied building, church, city park, street and/or roadway (other than municipal property or school property);
  • Hunt during approved/designated hours and days;
  • Use proper field dressing techniques and not leave entrails;
  • Possess all licenses or permits required by the State, County or City;
  • Demonstrate compliance wit these requirements when asked;
  • Present harvested animals at the Spruce Hills Drive Fire Station (in Bettendorf) during specified hours.

A complete copy of the proposed (unmodified) resolution can be found by clicking here.

City continues to build on relationship with PV Schools

City continues to build on relationship with PV Schools

Mayor Mike Bawden, Fire Chief Floyd Bruns, City Administrator Tim Long and City Engineer Chris Cooper met with representatives from the Pleasant Valley Community School District on Thursday, August 2nd to discuss a variety of issues facing both the City and the District. The meeting was intended to foster the relationship between the City of Riverdale and PV Schools by opening dialog on a number of issues.

Among the issues discussed were soil erosion management projects related to new construction at Pleasant Valley High School, traffic management around the school to accommodate needs for open fire lanes, a strategy to address EMS calls to school facilities along College Drive and the City’s strategy for reviewing and assessing the invasive plant problem.

School officials were also invited to participate in the review and planned update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the strategic planning process for the Riverdale Fire Department.

Previously identified issues surrounding the soil erosion management projects had already been addressed by the District or were scheduled to be addressed in the near future. District officials also shared plans diagraming traffic flows into and around the high school with Chief Bruns as part of a discussion about traffic management in the event of a fire call at the site.

The City continues to work diligently to establish on-going dialog with the major businesses, Scott Community College and Pleasant Valley Schools as part of its focus on more open and transparent governmental operations.

Do we have a problem at the intersection of Fenno Road and Valley Drive?

Do we have a problem at the intersection of Fenno Road and Valley Drive?

In response to citizen complaints, the City Council recently discussed the viability of putting a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Valley Drive and Fenno Road. More precisely, there were concerns raised about the ability of traffic traveling down Fenno Drive to stop before entering the intersection when road conditions were snow-packed and icy.

There were some questions raised as to the number of incidents at that intersection that could be avoided by putting up the sign. Members of the Riverdale Fire Department who were present at the meeting claimed no memory of responding to any car accidents at that intersection.

Is it possible those accidents occurred but were not reported?

Complicating matters is the fact that part of any traffic solution for the intersection will involve collaborating with Bettendorf.

It’s important the City have a clear understanding of the public safety issues involved, the traffic affected and the various options available for making the situation safer throughout the year (not just in the winter months).

But the process for improving that intersection and making Riverdale a safer place can all start here.

If you have an incident you can share that involves that intersection, please tell us about it. All of the stories collected – as well as additional research City staff is conducting independently – will be compiled and reviewed with the Council to determine a course of action.

Please provide your comments by September 1, 2018.

UPDATE: 08/03/2018

We have started a discussion board on this topic. Please let us know what you think.


Invasive Plant Task Force meeting set for August 3 at 11 am

Invasive Plant Task Force meeting set for August 3 at 11 am

UPDATED: 08/02/2018

A helpful fact sheet on garlic mustard has been added to the Invasive Plant Task Force page on the website. You can view that fact sheet by clicking here.

UPDATED: 07/30/2018

The agenda for the Invasive Plant Task Force meeting has been updated to include a presentation by Brian Ritter, the Executive Director of the Nahant Marsh Nature Center. You can download an updated copy by clicking here.


An initial meeting of the City’s Invasive Plant Task Force has been called for Friday, August 3rd at 11am. The meeting will be in Council Chambers at City Hall.

Those present will discuss the on-going problem posed by invasive plant species in Riverdale’s parks, yards, gardens and wilderness areas and the economic costs of allowing these species continue to grow and choke out ground cover on the City’s hillsides and other green spaces.

City Council member Kelly Krell will lead the discussion and chair the meeting.

The meeting is open to the public.

An agenda for the meeting can be viewed by clicking here.

Riverdale fire fighters surpass 1,000 hours of training for 2018

Riverdale fire fighters surpass 1,000 hours of training for 2018

Congratulations to the nearly 30 volunteers in the Riverdale Fire Department. Last Monday’s training exercise pushed twenty of them past 50 hours of intense training this year and moved the balance of the department along the goal of doubling the a state-required standard of 24 hours’ training every calendar year.

According to the department’s Facebook Page, Monday night’s training was search and rescue and communication. The fire fighters we able to reach little over 12 feet by stretching as far as they could.

The firemen’s masks were covered with hoods so they couldn’t see and were forced to communicate with each other to coordinate their actions.

RFD fire fighters meet at City Hall on Monday nights at 6:30 for 2-3 hours of training every week of the year.

Check out the video and photos of our firefighters in action – albeit at floor level:


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Share your story with your neighbors.

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